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A virtual press room or press section is a must for any business website. The exceptions are few, as in most cases, such a segment of your website is what gives you credibility while also being a quick way for people to find out more about you and what you have been doing lately.

To make it clear why such a section is important, let’s first list what a virtual press room should contain:

  • a company profile
  • contact details of PR department or agency
  • bios of founders and key decision makers (and other people representing your company)
  • logos and relevant images – photos of key company representatives, screenshots of your product if needed, photos of your place of business (in the case of businesses such as restaurants, hotels, spas, and other service providers for whom how the place of business looks is paramount)
  • a list of your latest press releases and another list of press coverage
  • reports or research you may have published
  • relevant in-depth articles, whitepapers you have published or ebooks.

As you can see, the virtual press room is a sort of extension of your About page, that is why so many companies actually turn it into a subsection of the “About our company” website section. What it does is help those interested, journalists, bloggers, potential partners and clients/customers, get a quick overview of your work that goes beyond a list of services and one of current clients.

What are the benefits of a virtual press room?

Quick access – those interested get to what they need fast and easy. They don’t need to browse all your website and do extensive searches to get in-depth details. They only need to browse your own press section and find out what others had to say about you. Coupled with  a few testimonials from other pages on your website, they’re good to go

Correct use of your brand – someone writing a story about you needs a logo or some other type of image. Why not make sure they use the right one and that it’s not a hassle to get on tiny image? You help them out and make covering you a pleasant experience – contrasting other stressful ones, and also make sure your brand identity guidelines are followed to the letter.

Trust and a certain status for your brand – sending out press releases and having traditional and new media covering your story creates the impression of a certain status for your brand. It makes you look professional and informative, that of course only if and when your press releases and published write ups by industry journalists are relevant and positive. If it’s just irrelevant junk and pseudo-journalism, you might get the opposite effect.

Do you have a virtual press section on your website? What does it contain and what would you like to add to it?

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