Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get a blog or website known and target new audiences, we all agree with that. Welcoming guest posters is also a great way to provide fresh content to your readers and target the crowds the invited author already appealed to. By analyzing these two sides of the guest blogging scene, you can easily tell this is a win-win promotion practice.

No wonder it has spread throughout the blogosphere and it has created a need for the proper tools! A while back I wrote about the launch of My Blog Guest, a place where guest posters and blog owners could meet, connect and see how they could help each other out. It looked promising and I decided to try out Ann Smarty’s project and see for myself how it worked.

I started by asking for guest posts for Words of a Broken Mirror, the very PR and marketing blog you’re currently reading. Except for a couple of offers, most were spot on, with suggestions of articles that fit my blog perfectly. Even it the case of those whose ideas were not a perfect match, we managed to reach common ground and come up with a blog post idea that would work. After the initial hype around my form post on MyBlogGuest, which got me plenty of guest posts, some of the authors wanted to write more while new ones kept approaching me after finding my profile.

With, I tried a different approach. Rather than waiting for people to come up with topics that I could approve, I used MyBlogGuest’s Article Gallery. This is a section where premium users post their latest articles. Bloggers accepting guest posts can then place an offer with an estimated publishing times, and the author chooses the outlet the fits best. In a few months I have published several dozen guest posts this way. I can do that with Travel Tweaks without looking like I have abandoned it only guest authors write there because this particular travel news site publishes 4-5 stories per day, features exploring certain destinations and the latest news in the travel and tourism world.

MyBlogGuest has a great system to get great guest posters the recognition they need – a voting system for those publishing their work. You can thumb up or down a certain author, letting future blog owners know just how good they are. To filter out one time users that only want to trash someone or vote for them just for fun, this system is restricted to users that are active on the MyBlogGuest forums.

Other than providing the obvious gathering place for those in need of content and authors of guest posts, MyBlogGuest also encourages members to connect on social networks and help each other promote their blogs and posts. It is also a great resource for guest blogging tips and best practices, helping newbies and experienced bloggers alike.

What I particularly like about the MyBlogGuest community is the willingness of members to help and how open Ann and her team are to suggestions, answering to questions and tips faster than I would have expected.

I strongly recommend it to blog owners in search for fresh views from new authors and to bloggers wanting to make a name for themselves and getting their blog news to guest posting.

Have you tried guest posting so far, from either end of the deal? How has it worked for you so far and what tools are you using?

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