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Working from home is all well and good when you’re starting out in business, but it does have its limitations. Despite being a cheaper alternative than renting an office initially, running a new venture from a spare bedroom, study or even the garage can be a rather solitary experience, although admittedly there’s no daily commute to worry about.

What’s more, with a business growing by the day then the home workplace isn’t always a practical solution to your expansion plans either. After all, how many of us occupy our spare bedrooms and other space around the house with all manner of other household items that tend to cramp our style? In short, working from home is easy, but it’s certainly not the be all and end all.

Time to expand

At one point in time a lot of people building up a new business would have baulked at the thought of moving into rented office space. Today though, thanks in part to the recession and a wealth of available property, it is now quicker, easier and cheaper than ever to rent good quality working areas.

Of course, one of the most advantageous aspects of renting an office is that it will allow you much greater networking opportunities, which always means the possibility of garnering a lot more business. You’ll find that there is a wealth of different office rental options available these days too, including desk rentals, which are very cheap and simple through to whole offices.

If you’re looking to expand then there is also the likes of the serviced office route, which allows you to enjoy many more frills, such as receptionists, post and IT support facilities. With all of these rental options you’ll also find that contracts are much more flexible than in the old days. In fact, many of the deals currently available work on short-term rolling contracts and that is perfect for the fledgling business that does not want to commit itself too far into the future.

Move on up

In addition, many office and desk rental options are up for grabs in prime locations too, such as city centres or purpose built business parks. You’ll be able to pick a location that is suitably close to home too, thanks to the office rental comparison websites that are now in existence.

Getting an office or desk in a locale like this will give your business an added sheen, with a professional shop widow that will enable you to meet clients without having to feel awkward about them coming to your home. Having a decent postcode and a front office that looks the part will speak volumes about your professionalism and, theoretically, make potential new customers warm to both your charms and whatever it is you’re selling.

What’s more, due to the relatively short-term nature of these rental schemes you can also enjoy and exploit the potential of them and then expand if you find you need more space further down the line. If you’ve grown your business sufficiently enough to add more desk space then taking this direction for expansion could be the most productive thing you’ve ever done. And it needn’t cost a fortune to do it either.

About the author: Rob Clymo writes on behalf of Office Genie, the first proper online marketplace that helps small businesses and start ups find desk space and shared office space in the UK.

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