While browsing PR stories today, I ran across 10Yetis’ choice of Good PR from Friday. They gave a big kudos to a Desigual store in London for a PR stunt that involved (partial) nudity, as all successful PR stunts do, the post added. They got me thinking of nudity how and why it works and what it sells.

Some might say nudity, implying sex, sells only that – sex and nudity. But in the case of Desigual, it actually sells the brand. The stunt was orchestrated as follows: Desigual asked shoppers to come wearing only their underwear to the store, promising free clothes to the first 100. Quite a large number of Desigual fans showed up in the rainy weather, dressed as they were prompted and waiting in line in front of the store. 

If Desigual would have chosen to parade some models in their underwear on the streets of London, giving passers by fliers with a discount announcement, it might have brought them some coverage, get tons of criticism for exploiting and over-stressing the importance physical beauty from some, and overall get far less buzz and brand awareness out of their stunt.

In this particular case, the partial nudity had a clear goal – showing to what extent fans would go to get free Desigual clothing. It reads passionate fans of the store and its clothing, people that trust who they are, what they look like and what they want enough to push the limits a little for a free lunch.

Being a fan of Desigual clothing myself, I know the clothes are worth being a little daring and pushing the limits to get some more of their stuff added to your wardrobe. But if I didn’t I would still be at least curious to check out a store whose buyers would only wear their underwear to a big sale!

If you look at event photos, you’d rather say it’s quirky, fun and sexy somehow. Your first thought is not in-your-face sexuality, urging you to let some harsh criticism out.

Sex and nudity for the sake of sex and nudity would never get these results. But hints, passion, novelty, these are far better allies in a PR and marketing strategy. Don’t you agree?

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail

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