A few days ago, I was walking with my mom on the streets of my home town, Ploiesti. Out of nowhere, it poped in front of my eyes: QUICK! The name of a very particular shop that used to make all my money disappear since I was in 8th grade. They soled notebooks, pens, pencils, anything someone with a passion for writing would definitely be into. They retailed foreign brands that I was addicted to: Schneider, Parker, Staedtler, Rotring with their very suscessful Tikky pencils. I used to save everything I got from my parents and grandparents, along with the money I got from school for being such a good student, and spend it all to enlarge my pen, pencil, marker and notebook collection.

When I rediscovered it, I couldn’t help smiling and being extremely happy it was still in the market. They had changed locations a few times and I thought they had closed down years before. I did not love Quick just beacause of what they sold. I loved the shop’s smell, how the items were displayed, the fact that most of the staff was nice and probably the fact that I had to work hard for every little treasure I got from there. 

I haven’t been so happy at seeing a brand I know in a long time. I had a similar smile when I saw a Booking.com office in Amsterdam, but it wasn’t quite the same joy. I outgrew Quick, but I still remember it fondly, and the next time I need a pen or pencil or notebook in Ploiesti, I will buy it from there, just to show my appreciation.

It then hit me that that’s how we should define brand success. Our clients or customers should smile with pleasure when they see our logo. They should want to drop by, just to say hello, and remember the fun times they had. Or at least they should feel satisfaction when thinking of the products or services they bought from us.

It might be a lot to ask to yield genuine happiness when they see or hear of our brand, but a goal set to only triggering positive feelings in no way means aiming to high!

What do you hope your customers think when  they suddenly see your logo?

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