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Due to the slow economy, businesses and professionals alike are looking for ways to save money on day-to-day operations. One of the highest expenses of any professional is that of the office. With a traditional office, businesses and professionals have to worry about rent, utilities, office supplies, and generally a staff. To reduce these costs, many are turning to the virtual office.

However, if you find yourself not wanting to relinquish your traditional office just yet, ask yourself the following questions. Your answers may just sway your opinion:

Do You Need All the Staff?

Having a traditional office generally requires you to have a small staff – even if it is just a cleaning lady or maintenance guy. However, with a virtual office you don’t necessarily need some of the staffers that you have. Keep your personal assistant, but do you really need a receptionist if you don’t have a front desk? Better yet, with a virtual office, you can hire a receptionist to be on-call so that you don’t have to pay anyone’s salary. You simply pay a minimal hourly fee.

Do You Need All the Equipment?

Social media and the internet have become increasingly important in PR work. We have to be connected at all times; however, being connected doesn’t mean that you need to have every type of hardware known to man. Traditional offices generally use multiple electronics including copy machines, desktops, and intricate phone lines which all require frequent check-ups and maintenance. With a virtual office, all you need is your phone and your laptop, and you are able to stay connected and conduct business from where ever necessary.

Do You Need to Be Tied Down?

In PR, we are frequently on the go. We have to show up at events and make appearances all over town to keep up our images. If we aren’t making appearances for the sake of appearances, then we are in meetings with other professionals or in offices strategizing marketing campaigns. We are rarely in our offices, so why be tied down to one? No one wants to feel like they need to go to their office simply because they are paying monthly for it.

If you are a PR professional, there is no need to have a traditional office space. The cost of keeping one simply isn’t worth it. If you have a larger firm, a traditional office may be necessary, but generally PR professionals can save a substantial amount of money by forgoing the traditional office. Even better, they can still keep up professional appearances by signing up with a virtual office firm that will not only give them a high end business address but allow them to use meeting and conference rooms whenever necessary. So what have you got to lose besides a monthly rent and utility bill?

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