Guest post by Susan Daniels

Social media is an integral part of any PR efforts. We all know the importance of having multiple social media accounts, and why we should be Tweeting and posting everyday to maintain good online standing.

But what do you do when Tweeting or posting to Facebook fails? How do you manage the masses and save your business when an inappropriate Tweet or post hits the web? A social media PR fail can ruin a business, but that doesn’t mean it has to ruin yours. By integrating the following 10-Step program you can be on the positive road to recovery in no time:

1. Admit You Are Powerless

Once you click submit, there is nothing you can do about it. Instead of frantically trying to devise some mastermind way to crash the internet or trying to buy the best SEO software to bury your FAIL deep, simply accept the social media PR FAIL you have just created.

2. Admit Your Fault

Once you realize that you have done something wrong, you need to figure out what type of social media disaster you have created.

3. Accept Your Shortcomings

After your failure, you need to immediately act. This is not the time to dwell on you or your business’ shortcomings that brought you to this disaster. Simply accept your shortcomings and start being proactive.

4. Realize that There is a Solution

While a social media failure can cause serious harm to a business, it doesn’t mean that the business is ruined forever. Realize that there is a solution, and that it must be actively sought.

5. Create a Plan

Trying to recover from a social media PR Fail can quickly become overwhelming – especially when the angry masses are coming after you. To prevent yourself from further panicking or abandoning hope altogether, it is wise to create a plan for recovery you can actively stick to.

6. Consider all You Have Potentially Harmed

Noting all the damaged parties is a great way for you to prepare yourself for the onslaught of remarks that will come your way. People will be upset, hurt, and/or angry. If you know who you have potentially hurt, it will make apologizing in advance easier too.

7. Apologize to All You Have Harmed

Now comes the hard part – apologizing. Even if you believe that your post or Tweet was taken out of context, you must swallow your pride and apologize. Refusing to do so will only incite the angered masses even more.

8. Continue to Lay Low

Although you have apologized, people will still be upset. Be prepared to continue to deal with this by simply laying low and continuing to apologize. You should currently be in damage control mode.

9. Seek Further Insight

The calm after the storm can leave you wondering how you or your business will ever recover. Don’t be afraid of the debris left behind. Seek insight from other companies that have experience similar events, and also ask yourself what caused the social media outburst to begin with. This insight will not only help you rebuild, but it will keep you from repeating the same mistakes.

10. Redeem Yourself

Now it is time to continue on as the good business you were before – but a little more wisely this time. Be the business you want to be, and give your once loyal customers a reason to trust you again.

The road to recovery after a social media PR fail is by no means easy. But if you actively seek recovery, you and your business will be able to eventually recover. Just know that it will be an uphill battle and it will require both time and energy.

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Susan Daniels is an internet marketer for In her spare times she likes to write guest posts for marketing related blogs.

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