It is no secret that if you want to increase your website statistics and increase your brand’s revenue, you are going to have to implement some sort of social media campaign into your marketing mix. Instead of plugging a brand with a press release or an advertisement, Twitter and Facebook are becoming the most relevant forces in a brand’s life cycle. While most of the people on these services can be labeled as followers, a very select few have a certain je nai sais qua and are able to promote beyond belief. Here are 5 types of social media users who can generate buzz for brands:

The One With the Hollywood Credentials

All of the recent celebrity social media news has surrounded Alec Baldwin and his recent “run-in” with an American Airlines flight attendant. Baldwin refused to quit playing the popular game “Words With Friends” and caused a scene when he got kicked off the plane. According to The Washington Post, Baldwin’s tirade caused #letalecplay to trend worldwide and boosted the number of people playing the game. Baldwin’s scene was such an effective form of social media marketing that he will even get cross promotion for his television show 30 Rock out of the ordeal.

The One With the Industry Authority

From digital marketing to information technology, the biggest players in the game are going to have the most followers on Twitter and the most subscribers on Facebook. These are the types of people we turn to when we need a highly technical question answered. By Tweeting them, we are participating in a much more personal and social form of communication than a general Yahoo! Questions conversation. If you’re business’ website is mentioned by an authority, expect traffic to go through the roof.

The One With the Weird Taste in Music

The pop princess, pretentious indie kid, or heavy metal slacker are all cultural memes that most of us knows very little about. They dig deep into their respective underground worlds and come back out with music to share with us. We may not like to admit it, but most of us follow a couple of these people on Spotify in order to further satiate our ever growing and increasingly eclectic tastes in digital music. This is great for touring musicians who need to get their name out there.  They can freely distribute their music which can then be shared on Spotify and seen on Facebook.

The One With the Local Weatherman

While the national news media has a far reach, there is no more trusted authority than our local media personalities. National media can advertise large products and brands, but the smaller, more local personalities are making sales and generating publicity for small local treasures. Everything from restaurants to special events can benefit from social media posts from the local media.

The One With All of the Followers

By sheer coincidence and luck, some people are able to generate a staggering number of followers. While you may not know how they got so many people to listen to them, the A/B testing they can provide for a brand is phenomenal. Those who want products endorsed should latch on quickly because these types of people usually amount to a flash-in-the pan.

While your traditional media mix is still important, having the proper social media influence can propel your brand to new heights. Figure out the audience you want to reach and try to do some outreach with the types of people they follow. If all works out, you too can have massive social media influence.

About the author
Guest post by Nick Jameson. He is a freelance writer specializing in business and marketing

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