Should you buy social media fans or followers?

Buying fans or followers has somehow become a sort of a taboo whenever PR or marketing experts discuss social media strategy. It is something people regard with distrust and the act of paying someone to like your page or follow you on Twitter is something devious and wrong. As always, things are not black and white, most of the online world has an intriguing grey attitude.

Let’s face it, if you advertise your page or profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads or wherever, you still pay for people to like you. When you buy social media fans, does that mean they are worse then when you pay for advertising? Maybe. It all depends on what service you’re using for your purchase, it depends on their method of getting you fans and so on. 

A while back, someone asked me on Twitter if I would ever recommend to a business to buy social media followers. And I took my sweet time to reply! Sorry Kushal!

After considering it and actually testing some services, I still say it depends. If you have limited time and you can either interact with existing fans or increase your followers count, it might pay off to buy some fans and invest your time in building trust-based relationships with them. You might get a crowd of really enthusiastic people who actually are worth the money you’ve invested. So why not try to get Facebook likes using a service such as, which I am currently testing, or something similar to increase your follower base on Twitter?

If you decide to test it, here are some quick words of advice:

  • Try to get targeted fans – either by region or by interest. Businesses that sell fans or followers can also refine their services and connect you to the audience that’s most relevant for you. It might cost you more, but if you sell exclusively to the USA, for example, having cheaper fans from the rest of the world won’t help you much.
  • Don’t rely exclusively on the social media fans you buy! It is important for you to reach out to the audiences you target and try to engage existing fans so that they recommend you to their connections. Organic growth is as important as a fresh batch of 500 new fans that don’t really know that much about you to actually instantly buy or instantly recommend your products or services.
  • Even if you have the budget, don’t jump to get the high numbers unless you have tested the service before. Start small, with a few hundred  targeted followers or fans and see if it works out for you. If you get real value, you can always buy more. If it turns out to be just a number that does not say much, you haven’t invested a huge amount in hordes of useless fans.
  • Before you choose a service, try to do a bit of research. Has anyone you know used them? Are they happy? Would they recommend them to you? If no one you know has used them, just google the company in question. Blog posts, comments or social media updates might give you the information you need.
Have any of you bought Facebook fans or Twitter followers before? I admit, I tried a few Facebook fans services and talked to friends who tried others and I have not completely made my mind. I usually tend to try out everything that’s out there and like to form my own opinions. But I have no experience with Twitter followers delivered to you for a fee. Let’s talk openly about it!

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    • Ovidiu

      No. Except bumping a number, it brings zero value. Who cares about the number of followers, anyway? (well, except idiots).
      Ovidiu´s last [type] ..Impresii din zăpadă, ediția 2012

    • Alina Popescu

      That’s all based on the assumption they are all just numbers and they bring no value. I am not yet sure of that. After talking to some people, it just depends on the service they use and other facts. Some have got fans that they could easily engage and actually get value from the numbers. In that case, if it pays off and helps you reach your goals, would you be as eager to say no?

    • Ovidiu

      Let me guess, you talked to people who sell those fans? Thought so. I stand by my opinion until proven false.
      Ovidiu´s last [type] ..Impresii din zăpadă, ediția 2012

    • Alina Popescu

      Ovidiu, I am sure you can imagine I am not that naive :d I jumped on the other side of the fence to “snoop” and find out what’s what :)

    • Yasmine27

      It’s nice to read your opinions, but what is more useful between the two? Who will help more in your business? I think you better focus on how these followers, likers and fans buy your product and not just click the botton and like your post.
      Yasmine27´s last [type] ..More Home Security Tips

    • Alina Popescu

      Yasmine, no matter how you get the followers, focusing on building a relationship with them is equally important. What also matters is that fans and followers reach a point where they help you achieve your goals – be it to get more awareness for an issue, sell more products or services or get the feedback you need to make your products and services better.

    • Barry H

      I think this should be a ‘no-brainer’. Purchased fake fans are going to be doing nothing for your business. Engagement needs to be with real people – they are your customers and potential customers. Social Media at its best represents a game changing CRM and marketing channel. One hundred fake ‘likes’ represents only wasted energy and is a sign of toxic short sightedness.
      Barry H´s last [type] ..Cutting the cost of your home insurance

    • Sarah

      I don’t think buying social media fans or followers would help much because at the end of the day, people will still be after the product and credibility of your company.
      Sarah´s last [type] ..Family attorney

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