There is so much more to finding employment and creating a career today than many people realize at the get go. While many people no doubt find positions by sending out their resumes and custom tailoring their cover letters, today’s tech centric-society lends itself well to new and more appropriate forms of self-promotion. Blogging has become a hobby, career, and tool for thousands and thousands of individuals around the world. Using a personal blog to essentially brand yourself and market your skills to the professional world has fast become the approach in today’s harsh job market. Follow these four blogging tips and self-marketing basics to create a personal blog that sells your best professional qualities and helps potential employers gain special insight into your abilities.

Simplicity and Clarity

The key to a successful website of any sort is simplicity and clarity. This is true for most things, including marketing. You want to be clear and direct with your intent and purpose. With your personal blog, you should create something that carefully communicates what you wish to tell. Your writing style should be clear and to the point. Tell your readers up front what your interests are, what the purpose of your blog is, what your accomplishments are, and what you wish to gain from them reading your material. There’s no point in using fluff language or fillers. Just tell people exactly who you are and what you are doing and see how they respond. Of course, I mean all of this directness to be done in a professional manner. You must sell yourself through your blog. Be clear and simple in your intent. 

Be Forward

This concept goes along with simplicity and clarity, but is slightly different. You want to be forward and up front. Self-promotion can only be successful if it is seen. Direct potential professional contacts to your blog page, so they can see your qualifications and potential. Having this blog can demonstrate to potential employers your perseverance to finding a worthwhile career and your thoroughness. Creating and maintaining a blog requires a significant amount of dedication and effort. With any type of marketing you have to put yourself out on the line. Be bold. Reach out to your desired audience and make them look at your blog.

Looks Matter

As any marketing professional would tell you, it really is all about looks. The way things are visually presented to you make a difference. Looks influence the way people feel about something and how they perceive that thing. If you are using your personal blog as a way to communicate and connect you’re your professional network, you must pay close attention to the appearance of your site. Make sure that the information is easily navigable and the site is uncluttered. Websites online that look outdated or busy always serve the opposite purpose they intend. You want your online resume (which is essentially what your blog will act as) to be clean, clear, and professional looking. Add some of your own personal style touches, but don’t overdo the pages and muddle the site’s purpose.

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This is a guest post by Eliza Morgan who is a full time blogger.  She specializes in writing about business credit cards. You can reach her at: elizamorgan856 at gmail dot com.

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