With billions of social media users worldwide, it is no surprise that 93% of marketers use social networks to promote their business and services. As most companies end up targeting the global market with the help of the Internet, their needs for multilingual and multicultural marketing and public relations follow a constantly growing trend. SociaLingo by ComTranslations was created to answer those marketing needs – it offer real-time social media translations in over 140 languages.

SociaLingo allows you to engage potential and existing customers regardless of the language they speak, reducing tremendously the difficulties in promoting products and services arising from speaking different languages.

“While businesses may be actively engaging in social media, unless they are participating across a wide spectrum of languages, they are missing the boat. An estimated 50% of social media users communicate in languages other than English. This is where SociaLingo comes in, offering businesses a near real-time translation solution, available in over 140 languages,” explained Carlos Garcia, ComTranslations CEO.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube are only the most popular of the social media channels supported by SociaLingo. Using the services, companies create the right messages for the social media channels, choose the languages they want them translated into and then sit by while they are being translated and posted on social networks by a team of native translators. Replacing automatic translation services, such as Google Translate, with human translators, offers a better accuracy and adaptation to cultural aspects of a company’s communication.

Multicultural social media marketing is something any company looking to target more than one country needs to consider.  Having their communication strategy adapted and their messages localized to reach each targeted audience in their native tongue is indeed an important advantage.

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