bloggingBook publishing has changed dramatically over the past few years, with more and more authors self-publishing their books. The self-publishing services that are available have improved by leaps and bounds, and there are a wide variety of reasons why self-publishing can be better than traditional book publishing. The most obvious is a larger percentage of profits. Actually, those who self-publish can make 10 times as much per book as they would going through a book publisher. With superior marketing tools at authors’ disposal, the decision to self-publish seems like a no-brainer.

The majority of people who self-publish make their books available in an e-format. These e-books are read on Kindles, Nooks, iPads and other tablets. The e-book industry is getting so popular that Amazon actually sold more e-books than real books last year. Formatting and marketing an e-book has never been so easy. Here are the top three places to do it.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a great service offered by Amazon through which authors can easily submit their book. Book are available on the Kindle tablet, and there are a number of reasons the program is great for authors. First, Amazon offers 70% royalties on books that cost between $2.99 and $9.99. That’s an amazing percentage. Plus, Amazon books tend to market themselves. If you have great content, your book can fly up the Amazon charts and be seen by a huge audience.

On top of that, Amazon also offers other features to get your book out there. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to make your book available for free on five days. That might sound illogical, but creating free days can drum up interest in your book and make it soar up Amazon’s charts. Down the road, you’ll sell more copies. With Amazon’s new Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Select program, you can offer your e-book free to Prime members. These members might not otherwise pay for the book, but you still get royalties on each download.


Lulu is another great place to self-publish your e-book. One of the great things about Lulu is they help you format your book better than any site out there. You can sell your book as a simple PDF on Lulu, and the company also helps you create an ePub file to sell on Amazon. Lulu will actually help you submit and market your book on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, and through other retailers, making it a true hybrid agency.

Barnes and Noble

If you upload your e-book to Barnes and Noble, it will be available on the Nook tablet. The Nook isn’t as popular as the Kindle, but it still allows you to sell extra e-books. Barnes and Noble doesn’t have much in the way of marketing, but if your book is popular, it will rise up their charts and sell even better.
Ultimately, you want to upload your e-book to as many places as possible. Using Amazon, Lulu, and B&N simultaneously is your best bet for great e-book sales.

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