The interactive kiosk has undergone major changes in the last two decades and is not utilized in all major industries to enhance user interactivity and increase efficiency. The technological advancements in this sector are far from over and this kiosk holds much potential in the future and businesses that have not yet adopted this trend should do so fast before they are phased out.

Initially the kiosk began in the most humble way, and was of the same kind to an ATM machine where one keys in information to receive a service, buy a product or gain more information. Radical changes in the innovativeness of the kiosk will see it utilize fully the concept of augmented reality. The concepts of augmented and virtual reality have been explored in fictional movies, but these are about to move from our screens and into our fingers.

Combining the technology of augmented reality, interactive kiosks and smartphones presents an explosive future in the world of human computer interaction. Here are some reasons why all industries should not only watch out for advancements in the interactive kiosk but also endeavor to pioneer some of their own.

The tale of social media

When Facebook, Twitter and other social media applications emerged in the scene, they were readily brushed off as a simple leisure. With time, they were branded the past time for teenagers and then suddenly business began to use them, as marketing tools and the face of inbound marketing was never the same again.

Interactive kiosks are similar to social media beginning as simple tools to make work easier but soon they will change the face of marketing and businesses. Keep your eyes peeled and do not miss the bandwagon once it hits the station. Do not be left behind when the kiosk wave hits but is pioneering the trend.

The rise of the smartphone

A survey shows that smartphones are becoming increasingly popular and will soon replace all other phones in the market. More than half of the population in the developed world owns smartphones and use them to save data about themselves, their work and lives in general. Market segmentation does not get better than that.

Using a yet fully refined technology known as Near Field Communication all one needs is place their smartphone next to an interactive kiosk, which will then feed from selected data such as one’s interests from various applications on their phone and use the combination of the user’s interests and the computer’s database to derive a solution for a client.

For instance if in a new area and one has no idea of what boutiques, salons, pubs and other amenities are in their proximity, you go to an interactive kiosk which then uses your interests to show you  and help you navigate to the nearest area of interest.

A clothing store can use enhanced software on an interactive kiosk to help their customers make a purchase, whether the store is open or not. A user feeds their photos to the boutique’s kiosk, which then merges with the database of available pieces of clothing in the boutique. Through the photos the user gets to view how items look on them, browse through the whole boutique, select items they like, drop them into the shopping cart, purchase via the credit card slot on the kiosk and move on to the next stop awaiting the delivery all by tapping on the screen in a matter of minutes.

Such trends will change perspectives in social media, phone applications, management of businesses and especially marketing as well as increase opportunities for many individuals.

The actualization of augmented reality

The information would also be accessed vice versa from the interactive kiosk to the smartphone. A user can tap into the database in the kiosk, get a video or picture of their surrounding then the two merge giving one accurate details about their location from their history to their status. One gets to know their surrounding with an in depth understanding. Exchange of information with the highest level of detail will be simple and fast.

The possibilities are endless and much more is yet to be discovered where the interactive kiosk is found. What we see in science fiction movies may very soon become an actual reality!

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