When it comes to marketing, there is no reason to stick to the same old strategies that we see time and time again. While social media ads and other traditional marketing efforts are definitely effective, there are several more innovative marketing strategies to consider – many backed by science.  A few of the most innovative of these strategies includes:

1. Neuromarketing

For anyone asking themselves the question of “what is neuromarketing?,” it’s really not such a complicated or strange idea. It’s just another way of monitoring information. It involves looking directly at a prospect’s brain activity while they’re subjected to various forms of marketing, and it helps marketers to find more emotionally and mentally evocative and stimulating ways to reach customers.

2. Marketing Withdrawal

Here’s one idea for marketing on a budget: withdraw from the public eye. This works for some restaurants and clubs who, lacking the funds for heavy marketing, opt instead to provide a feeling of exclusivity. One Italian place in New York has no signs out front and no advertising and offers reservations for members only. The place is packed every night. Sometimes when on a budget, doing less will accomplish more.

3. Leaks and Pirating

Another counter-intuitive marketing technique is piracy and early releases. Movie companies and musicians used to paint piracy and early leaks in a negative black and white light, but in recent months, movie studios have come out and said that maybe piracy isn’t all that bad. The truth is that nobody ever said “boy I have a real problem, everybody’s seen my work!” Piracy and leaks aren’t the threat, obscurity is, and many artists and others are turning to deliberate “leaks” to drum up buzz for anticipated releases.

Innovative marketing often involves simply looking at old tools and existing technology in a new way. It’s important to understand that the technology is really only as good as the ideas supporting it, so while we should be careful to keep up with developing technology and explore new ideas with it, we shouldn’t neglect what we can still do with a simple newspaper ad or simply providing a new service that the competition lacks.

About the author
Guest post by Nick Jameson. He is a freelance writer specializing in business and marketing

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