I discovered St Leonards last year, after stumbling across one of their songs which had been featured by one of the fresh and popular TV series, Beauty & the Beast. Best Part of Me is to this day my absolute favorite song by this band and I have probably listed to it a thousand times. While the music has turned me into a fan of St Leonards from an artistic point of view, I was still a PR professional at the end of the day and I couldn’t help notice just how wonderfully they treated their fans, new and old alike.

It all started with an email I received from Shane (whose wonderful voice you hear in their songs), thanking me for my kind words about their music. In truth, I do rave about things I love and do so publicly on social media and during one-on-one meetings with my friends (which can be annoying at times, I guess). That could have been more than enough to win me forever as their evangelist. But no, I got a their first album via email as well and a promise to be announced if they ever toured in Europe. 

I have never in my life felt so appreciated as a fan and I do say nice stuff about a lot of things I love, from music to movies, from clothes to services and companies and so on. Needles to say they reply to comments on their Facebook page, they follow people back on Twitter and they reply to more than the tweets that mention them and their music.

St Leonards is by far the friendliest band I’ve ever met and I hope they stay as friendly when they get from 12,000 fans on Facebook to 12 million. If you think it’s impossible, check out Stephen Amell’s Facebook page! For a guy who’s updating it himself he’s doing an amazing job! I’m sure they will all do just great as they get more and more famous.

The lesson here? Treat your audience as if they mattered. Just as fans buy the music and the products a band releases, customers are buying your products and services. Pay attention to what they have to say, thank them when they are nice to you and make sure they feel as important as they are – they keep your business going in the end, don’t they?

Yes, I know, it sounds like basic, common sense tips that everyone should be already doing. But they’re not and it’s high time we all started!

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