social_media_buttonsWhen it comes to PR and social media, we might all be playing favorites, but we have to make room in our hearts strategies for all the major sites out there. I for one love Facebook and Twitter the most, but I am also involved in quite serious relationships with Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon. Plus some other specialized networks that I often keep an eye on.

The truth is each of them have their own merits and what works for one client and one campaign might not work as well for others. Therefor, when it comes to social media strategies, the best play is to consider all major social media networks and decide based on a case by case analysis. 

While considering all social venues is the best way, going all out on all networks is not what I’d recommend. Testing, tweaking and using your own instinct should lead you to determine which such sites fit your client or campaign best and focus on those. If thinking of all and choosing the best few is not confusing enough, well, keep in mind that things change over time and you’ll have to periodically reconsider your choices. Sounds like an open relationship with an ever growing number of people? A bit, but it’s what will keep your results at their best.

Each PR pro also has the option to specialize in one or two social media sites and only sell those services to clients. That might as well work, but it comes with a big caveat – we have to refrain from selling said social networks as the best way to get results for anyone and everyone. Yes, Facebook works wonders at times, Twitter outranks it for certain fields, but I would never dare say that any business will reach eternal glory by using only one of them, although I’ve seen such frivolous promises.

If you look enough, there’s research proving almost anything! That one social network is better than others, that ads are better than normal posts, that automation tools suck or that they do wonders. And that is where experience and instinct comes in, along with the goals you set each time. And my experience has taught me that the key to success is always mixing and matching certain aspects. A few media channels, a few engagement strategies, a little contest, a little advertising, tons of luck at times… That’s why keeping an open mind is probably the best way in the world to score big in PR 🙂

What’s your view on the PR-social media relationship?

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