In the words of Steve Jobs, “The chance to make a memory is the essence of brand marketing,” and your logo is the easiest way to create a memory of your brand. But a logo can do more than just create a memory, it can also jog the customer’s memory, even when they are nowhere near you.

In an earlier segment we talked about some effective guerrilla marketing tactics, like distributing T-shirts with your company logo. While distributing shirts is certainly effective, people don’t wear the same shirt every day. If you sell goods or services, another option is to ship items in custom cardboard boxes, and use custom bags for items bought in the store.

Why Customize?

On the surface, custom-printed bags and boxes may seem like an unnecessary expense, after all you could easily give a way thousands of these items a month. Those simple plastic “Thank You” bags, and plain brown boxes, have been working fine, so why rock the boat?

Remember what we said earlier about jogging the customer’s memory? Well, look at it this way:

It’s lunch time and you’re trying to figure out where to go. You see somebody walk by with a McDonalds bag and, suddenly, a Big Mac sounds really good. Thanks to a simple “M” on a brown paper bag, McDonalds just got another sale.

Conversely, if you see someone walk by with Styrofoam containers in one of those “Thank You” bags, you might think of the Chinese place a few blocks over, or that deli at the end of the block. While that simple bag will most certain send customers to one of those places, it may not send customers to the right place.

Another example is Amazon’s distinctive “smile” box. Even if you can’t see the name, that swoosh with the arrow on one end tells you it’s Amazon. Just seeing the box fills you with curiosity, perhaps even a little envy, because you just know whatever is inside has got to be good. After all, it’s a package — packages are like presents, and presents are awesome.

So, if you see that Amazon box on your neighbor’s doorstep, you might just remember that Amazon had those cool socks you wanted, and why not order a couple pairs tonight? Without that logo, it’s just a plain, brown box that could be from anywhere; and much less likely to make you want to give Amazon your money.

The Cost

Customized bags and boxes can cost more than generic, especially the first order where you also have to purchase the print plate for your logo. However, after your initial order the costs are usually lower because the manufacturer will use the same print plate for every new order.

As with normal bags and boxes, the unit price goes down the more you order. For example, an order of 100 boxes may have a unit price of $3, but an order of 1,000 boxes would have a unit price of $1.

Buying in large quantities will save you money, and it will also make your name more visible to drive traffic to your door.

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