Have you thought about using promotional products to help promote your company and improve upon branding? Here at Gopromotional, we have been helping companies get the best return on investment with branded gifts. There are three keys to success with a promotional product giveaway: the one you choose should be useful to the consumer, represent your company well, and be relevant to your brand. When those three elements come together, you will see some amazing results. If you haven’t used this type of advertising in the past, read on to learn how to ensure the product you choose has the three elements of success and also see proven results from industry surveys that show how promotional products make your company more memorable, improve sales, and costs less than other forms of advertising.

Three Keys to Choosing the Right Promotional Products for Your Business

Here’s how to choose the right type of branded gift item for your company that meets all three elements.

  1. Promotional Products Must be Useful to the Consumers

By the term “useful” we mean that the promotional product should be wanted and able to be used by the recipient. You can look at popular promotional products to determine some of these, such as pens, notepads, USB memory sticks, reusable bags, and clothing items. However, you can do research to find out what is useful to your audience.

  1. Promotional Products Must Represent the Company Well

Whatever promotional product you choose, it should be well made and last for the expected amount of time. If it is something intended to be kept for a long period of time, then it should last that long. If the promotional product breaks before expected or doesn’t work well, it can negatively impact your brand even if your company didn’t make it. So, you will want to choose a quality giveaway.

  1. Promotional Products Must Be Relevant to Your Brand

The culmination of the trifecta for choosing the right promotional product is that it should be relevant to your brand. Sure, pens are popular, but do they remind the recipients of your company beyond just your name and your logo? Sometimes that is enough, but sometimes it isn’t. So when it comes to choosing a branded gift, many times, the most success comes from choosing something that melds with the theme of your company or industry. Some examples include eco-friendly or reusable gifts if you are in the eco-friendly industry, tech gifts for tech companies, veterinarians might choose pet friendly promotional products, dermatologists should choose sunscreen or first aid kits, and car companies can select something like a car tool kit.

Industry Surveys Prove Usefulness of Promotional Gifts

The British Promotional Merchandise Association  (BPMA) has done a great deal of research in recent years to show that promotional products work to create loyalty, increase the length of the brand message longer than other forms of advertising, and effectively target your customers. The BPMA has conducted numerous studies regarding promotional products, surveying branded merchandise recipients and companies that have utilised free giveaways to get statistical information regarding how successful promotional products can be. In today’s world of digital advertising with measurements in place, these surveys have gone a long way towards showing how promotional merchandise really does work. Survey respondents had received a promotional product or branded gifts within the last year; some of these statistics are presented below.

How long have you had this promotional item?


This survey question was in regards to promotional products survey respondents currently had on their office desk or in their possession. The average results was 2.91 years, making it clear that most promotional products that are useful to the customer are kept for quite a long time. Almost 3 years is definitely longer than the average consumer would remember any other type of advertising.

Which products are you most likely to keep the longest (at least a year)?


When it comes to promotional products that are more likely to keep the longest, 63% of respondents said they would most likely keep a USB memory stick the longest. Mugs, umbrellas, clocks or watches, and pens, were also in the top 5 answers. As you might imagine, as technology changes, other technological devices might replace the memory stick, but you get the idea.

How likely might you be to now do business with the company?


An overwhelming 79% of those who have received a promotional product say they would be likely to do business with that company. This one fact, in itself is an overwhelming convincer for using some during your next advertising campaign.

Can you remember the name or brand or organisation on the item?


Brand recognition is very important and when it comes to receiving promotional merchandise, 66% of recipients can easily recall the name of the company that gave them the gift. This is a very important element in branding and sales.

Summary and Takeaways for Your Company

If promotional products were not on your advertising radar prior to reading this article, we hope that you can now seriously consider running a promotional merchandise campaign seeing the facts as to how they can be successful in achieving brand recognition, increased sales, and a better sentiment towards your company. In addition to that, you now have a better understanding of how to pick out a promotional product and know that it should be useful for your customers, represent your company well, and be relevant to your brand.

Content written and provided by Gopromotional.

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