As some of you know, I take part in a lot of author events. It’s a new development for me as a writer (has been happening in the past two years and it’s going to happen more in the future). Whether you attend book fairs and author convention or other industry events, you might have the same problem I have when printing out brochures, post cards, bookmarks, and any other stuff you’d like to put in goodie bags or hand out at the event. You have to personalize them for each and every event!

Author event display

Of course, if you are a huge company, you don’t much care about having small batches of printed material for each event. Although, cost effectiveness is a concern for any type of business. I for one would love to print out more postcards and bookmarks at once, as bigger numbers mean lower prices. But each event needs its customization. If I run a special sale for event participants, that has to be added in. Anything from promo codes to the name of the event should be included in the design.

If an event happens before a book’s release day, it will have different marketing purposes than an event that happens afterward. Not to mention that you always print more than you need and you end up with a stack of obsolete materials that you just have to throw away.

As I kept looking for solutions, I ran across something that might help me out. Self-adhesive labels that come in all shapes and sizes. So instead of customizing an entire design and print new stuff, I could go with something more simple that can fit several events, then get any shape, size, or number of these stick labels to snap on top! They even work on the books themselves to add event-specific pricing or to signal discounts.

I add new books to what I promote to author events, but the old books always make a comeback. So this would help with a third to a half of print materials that don’t get used one year and might be re-used the next time I attend a similar show. As the size and design are customizable, the self-adhesive labels can match the tone and style of your products or that of the event.

I talked a lot about books and print materials, but these work on a lot of other products you might bring along at trade shows and industry conferences: product boxes, the products themselves, promotional goodies like cups or notebooks, and pretty much anything you can think of.

At this point, I only wish I’d thought of it right from the start! It would have saved me a lot of headaches. Like the time when I accidentally printed the wrong promo code on my bookmarks 😀


  1. I love these and they have been a huge source of help for me in my work place. I am heading back to work after maternity leave in a few weeks and I know these will help me in staying organized again. I have a lot of print outs and paper work for meetings and conferences and these are a life saver!

    1. Oh, you are so right! These would be quite helpful for sorting out paper work! Most of my work is online, so I don’t have a lot of those to deal with. Probably why it’s taken me so long to discover how useful this kind of labels could be 😀

  2. Doing what you do as who you are from what I have read isnt easy, but at the end of the say, we got to do them, prints and events go hand in hand and trust me this mistakes come once in a while and finally we move ahead and all go well.

    *note: The end of your post about wrong code brought about my comment on this..*

  3. I loved this post, because it was so necessary to go through this step. Promoting through prints and cards are excellent and that’s such a good idea to advise!

  4. Oh, are you a writer? Then, you will have to do a lot of stuff on labels and sticky notes and the various things.I think planning for the right set and right number of materials is essential-it is no less than a science.
    I hope to see more of pictures in your next post Alina. I learnt a lot from your post. Ny the way, I sell books of mine on Kindle.
    Swayam Tiwari´s last blog post ..The Most Haunted Places In India-Kiradu

    1. Yup, writer here :d Coming up with the right number is a science I keep failing at 😀 Why I thought labels would make things so much easier for me. If I print too much, I can at least reuse it later on.

      I don’t post a lot of pictures on this blog, those typically go to my travel ones 😀 I am sure you’ll see more from the Berlin trip there!

  5. These look like a great idea and would be very handy for all my books, office stuff and also notebooks and folders when I’m travelling too! Very handy and nice to be reminded about these labels, Karen

    1. It’s so simple and practical, I almost feel silly for not thinking of it sooner 😀 You are right, they are very useful on a personal level as well, quite handy when you travel!

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