With all of the changes that have occurred regarding national security laws and immigration laws in the United States over the last several years, the laws have become tougher and more difficult to understand. The word deportation gets thrown around a lot today and more and more people find themselves facing deportation hearings and the process than ever before. The changes in the laws have even made fighting deportation more of a challenge, creating rising fears and anxiety among immigrants who may feel that they have no hope or nowhere to turn. Fighting deportation can be even more of challenge if you have been arrested and convicted of a crime. You want to get the best help you can with fighting the deportation process the right way if you hope to have success.

The First Step – Get a Lawyer

The first step you need to take in any effort you make to fight the process is to hire a deportation lawyer Houston has today. A deportation lawyer is going to be aware of all of the latest laws and statutes regarding immigration and deportation. They will be able to listen to your case and go over the facts and documentation so that they can figure out what your best options are in dealing with potential deportation. If you have received a legal notice to appear in court regarding proceedings, your lawyer can be there with you to help guide you through the hearings and protect your rights in the process.

Using Legal Options to Help You

Your lawyer can let you know that there are different options that can be available to you depending on your particular circumstances. You may be able to apply for asylum if you have a fear about returning to your home country or feel that your life or your family’s lives may be in danger if you return. You can then get a delay in the proceedings so your lawyer can help build your case and file the appropriate paperwork with the court. You may also be eligible for a cancellation of removal, depending on your status in the country and how long you have been in the United States. There are other options that may apply to you and your lawyer will be able to present these before the court that can challenge the proceedings and give you the chance to stay in the country.

The best thing you can do for yourself when facing deportation is to talk to an experienced lawyer. Whether you need a retaliation lawyer or a Houston deportation attorney, the Law office of Khemka & Choudhary can be just the people you need. Khemka & Choudhary has vast experience in dealing with deportation cases, employment law, family law and general practice so that they can assist you with any and all legal needs you may have. Take the time to contact their offices today to make an appointment to discuss your case so you can get the help you need.

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