It’s become more and more prevalent now, but LinkedIn is fast becoming the new business growth tool for businesses in the know. Given the fact that there are two new LinkedIn members every second it makes sense that you would jump on board as well to join up to this business networking haven. We know that it’s vital to have a well-curated and up to date LinkedIn profile, but is there a right and a wrong way to use LInkedIn? Given the fact that whenever you go to look at someone’s profile they automatically know you’ve looked at them, it can be a slightly ‘stalker-ish’ way to build a network. That is, unless you know the right way to go about it.

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Making the right impression

We reckon that it comes down to one key thing on LinkedIn, and that’s making the right impression. Making the right impression in the real world is usually as simple as making sure that you’re properly presented, that you have respectable offices, and that you present well to your clients and potential business clients. We know that Office Space in Hong Kong can come at a premium, which is why it can be helpful to rent offices from a company like Servcorp. They offer serviced offices or virtual offices which serve as the perfect space to conduct meetings and to work from.

Making a great connection with LinkedIn

When you are talking about making a great first impression online, it can be a little trickier, given that you’re often going in ‘cold’. A great feature of LinkedIn is the ability to connect with people based on connections that you may have in common. It could be something as innocent as knowing someone that a colleague worked with once, or it might come down to wanting to connect with someone and reaching out to them via a mutual friend.

How to manage your profile on LinkedIn

If you would like your information to be private on LinkedIn you can do it in the following way:

Hover over your small profile pic in the upper right hand of your LinkedIn page. Choose ‘Privacy & Settings’ go to the ‘Privacy’ tab, and then choose ‘Profile Viewing Options.’ From here you can choose from three options to prevent your LinkedIn connections from discovering that you were spending some quality time flicking through their profile pages. The first option allows those you’ve viewed to still see where you work and what you do there. The second option makes you quasi-recognisable, and the third option renders you completely and utterly incognito.

But there’s a catch. If you choose the third option you disable your Profile Stats. This means that while your connections don’t know about you looking at their profile, you won’t know about when you’re being looked at, either. It’s all or nothing with LinkedIn, sadly.

So how do you turn LinkedIn into your hottest connection tool? One option is to be bold, and craft a little letter to send to the people you intend to connect with.

What to say – example script

Who are you: “Hi Baron! I’m Jenny, a freelance aquarium cleaner in Tamworth!”

What you want to connect with them about: “I see from your profile that you’re a rare fish dealer. That’s so great! I would love to have a chat and to see if there’s any way we could work together to refer clients to each other.”

Your invite: “Do you think we could arrange a time to talk – maybe on the phone? I’m looking forward to seeing how this could go.”

Then you sit back and wait for the replies! Once you have some responses to your letter it’s common practice to follow up with a face to face meeting at your serviced office. Good luck with networking using LinkedIn!

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