Android 6.0 Marshamallow

According to Phone Arena, 55 percent of those polled were excited about the new features and benefits in the Marshmallow 6.0 update. Upgraded features on the list include new security and extending battery life with Doze Mode. And more smartphones will now come pre-installed with Marshmallow 6.0, including the LG G5.

Of particular interest to business professionals, the Marshmallow update makes it easier to do everything from look up client contacts to sync up all passwords across its devices. Here are five of the updates for Android 6.0 Marshmallow that we love most.

Security upgrades

Marshmallow comes with fingerprint-enabled security features to quickly unlock your smartphone. It also helps reduce the sign-in and checkout time for purchasing on Android Play, Play Store and apps. To get set-up, your Android smartphone will prompt you to authenticate directly from your fingerprint. Place your finger on the sensor and wait for a vibration to confirm authentication and you’re ready to go.

New security features also prompt for permissions relating to personal or potentially private information for the first time you use an app; however, basic functions like access to the internet will be permitted by default. Ultimately, that gives users more control over whether or not an app has access and control over your camera or microphone.

Now on Tap

Marshmallow 6.0 helps reduce back and forth between apps and search. For example, when you’re looking at a spreadsheet or proposal from a vendor, you can tap to access search. The interface looks like Google Now content activated right from the app so you can look-up information you need to cross-reference with a proposal or brief. Just hold your home button down to access Now on Tap and you’re ready to start searching.

Smart Lock for passwords

Save time by syncing your passwords across your devices with Smart Lock for Passwords. The Marshmallow 6.0 update syncs up your passwords directly to your Google Account when you’re signed onto Android or Chrome.

But you also have the choice whether you want to enable this feature. Only allow your smartphone to update passwords on the apps you use most and deny anything else. You can also choose which Google account you want to save the password. This can be helpful if you have separate Google accounts for work and pleasure.

Doze Mode

The Marshmallow 6.0 update promises to extend your battery life, as much as 50 percent, with the Doze Mode feature. Doze Mode kicks in when your phone has been idle for awhile and automatically goes into a light sleep mode to save more energy and battery life. But unlike some of the previous updates, Doze Mode won’t interfere with events you set as high-priority like calls and text messages. That means your battery will last longer while you’re on the go, but still get those important calls from the client you’re trying to close a sale with.

Voice search from lock screen

Previous operating systems only allowed 911 calls from your lock screen without typing in your password. Marshmallow 6.0 allows voice search directly from your lock screen. It just takes a few minutes to set-up your voice command for your smartphone to recognize you. Now you can check-in on quick directions to a meeting or pull up a customer’s information without unlocking and tapping through.

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