We often spend more time there than in our own home, yet a good office space can at times be overlooked in favor of other more ‘vital’ things to consider. However, you can save your business a lot of money by creating a pleasant, safe and interesting office space. Here are some tips to get you on your way!

1. Safety First

Having a safe working environment is clearly a necessity. Skimping on safety is a sure way to miss something now and have to pay for it later. It also puts your staff at risk. Bonus: keeping your staff safe and happy means that you do not have to spend time and money finding new employees down the road.

An example of how employers can ensure safety as well as continuous operation is using high quality protection for any under-floor wiring with quality electrical conduits. This is because investing in high quality protection for wires and cables will protect your office from potential fires or staff injuries, which could lead to hefty legal payouts. Plus, if your company relies on its electrical equipment (which is so very often the case) protecting all aspects of this equipment means delaying or indeed removing the need to replace damaged or destroyed goods in the future. 

2. Savings With Your Actual Office Space

An obvious cost that you could address for your office space is your actual office location. Consider the area that you are in: would a building one street over in a cheaper area be worth the savings and not put your employees out their way? Consider the size and style of building you go for: would a loft-style office space instead of a corporate building make more sense? Sometimes what you pay for is not always what you need. Regardless of which office space you go for, remember to negotiate! Everything is negotiable. The right property is out there; it is just a matter of finding it. 

3. Go Green

Break rooms, energy-efficiency, washrooms and office design. There is always room for improvement when it comes to a business going green. Recycle your ink cartridges, buy items in bulk instead of individually wrapped items, cut back on paper cups and encourage those in the office to bring water bottles and coffee mugs from home, move your desk towards a window and use more natural light, the list goes on. Going green is a great way to save money, be responsible, and also improve PR!

4. Work From Home

Depending on your work dynamics, working from home is a great option for some to give your office space a break and save some money in the meantime. Maybe it means working longer hours four days a week so you can take one day off a week or simply allow and encourage workers to work from home one day a week. This is an easy way to cut down costs for your office space, and who wouldn’t want to do that when technology often makes it so easy to stay in touch.

5. Cut Down on Office Supplies

When office supplies are constantly available, it is easy to mindlessly use them. Cut down on office supplies and encourage workers to only use what is necessary. It can be projected in more of a ‘we are trying to be more green’ light, but also be a great way for your company to save money. Imagine cutting down your paper use by 50% and what savings that could mean. This can be applied to almost any stationary used in your office.

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