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Our smartphones get smarter by the day. At this point in time, this little device we use on a daily basis is more powerful than past personal computers. Your phone could replace your desktop or your laptop and let you conduct all your business from it without needing anything else. Emails, documents, photos, planning, everything can be done from your phone. But is it secure? And what are you doing to make sure your smartphone is safe?

Why You Need a Mobile Antivirus

As our mobile phones become more powerful, they are also more susceptible to attacks and to being infected. The more software you load onto them, the more apps you install, the more you expose yourself to antiviruses and vulnerabilities. When all you could do with your phone was call somebody, there was no point in attacking these devices. But now that all your date is on them, everything from classified work email to payment details, viruses and other malware will target your mobile device. That is why using a mobile antivirus is paramount.

Think about it for a second: would you connect your computer to the Internet, start browsing sites and opening attachments, connecting to unsecured wifi hotspots or to random devices without antivirus? Most of us would be quick to say no. So why would you leave your phone, your computer on the go, unprotected?

What to Use to Protect Your Phone?

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my business, cutting costs is always an objective. If you’re an Android user like me (I am a die-hard fan to be honest), then this free Android antivirus app is all you need. I have been a fan of AVG products for quite a few years, and their mobile app being available was great news to me. Other than keeping you safe from malware, scamware, viruses and other threats, I love the fact it can also track your lost phone and show you its location on Google Maps. So far, this mobile antivirus has managed to convince me it’s something that should be installed on all Android phones. And the over 100,000 people who’ve downloaded it seem to agree with me.

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