If you’re a freelancer, or run a small office, or are actively trying to bring down business costs, then this post is for you! With the tech required to run a business, the software you need to acquire, and the services you need to pay for, bills will add up to drown you pretty quickly. So doing your best to keep those costs down is always a good idea.

Coupons for discounts and sales are an easy to use and handy way to save on your business expenses, but having them all neatly listed on one website like Groupon adds time saving to your endeavor. Not only will you find what you need fast, but they also just happen to cover such a diverse range of vendors that they pretty much have everything covered.

Tech and Software to Run Your Business

The computers, devices, and software you run your business on don’t come cheap. To save on these expenses, I took a close look at what coupons Groupon had to offer. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, then you know I’ve been in love with my Lenovo notebook ever since I got it. So it’s no surprise it was the first vendor on Groupon to catch my eyes. There are almost 30 different Lenovo coupon codes and promo codes available right now. But that’s not all. You’ll find Microsoft coupons to cover your software, Amazon codes if you prefer a different brand of computers than I do, and even Godaddy codes to save on your business website.

Presentation and Business Gifts

Worried about what you’ll wear at that next business meeting or industry conference? You can be frugal and thrifty at the same time with a few wise choices in coupons. Asos is my go to online store for clothes and shoes these days, but there are other options for you to choose from. And if you’re thinking of what small gifts to send to your business partners, try some bulk orders on either ebay or Amazon. Or is it that you need some promo materials printed or new business cart? Groupon has you covered with their Vistaprint coupons.

Business Travel

If you need to travel for business, then you know how much that can cost. Between flights and hotel bookings, plus nice meals with potential business partners or clients, the cost of your trip can skyrocket. I definitely recommend you check Expedia and Hotels.com which all have quite a few discount and promo codes listed on Groupon.

No matter what side of your business you pick, there are definitely ways to save. Staying thrifty is nothing more than savvy planning to keep your business profitable and reach all your goals.

Have you used coupons to save money when running your business? What types did you choose and how did it help?

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