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If you own a small business, or if you’re a freelancer who works with the same business on a regular basis, then you’ll be all about productivity. Anything that makes you and your enterprise more productive without costing the earth will be of great interest to you so if you haven’t already thought about it, now’s the time to climb onto the cloud. Over the next five or so years, it’s expected that most enterprises – of all sizes – will make the move and so anyone not cloud-based will be in a minority (and not in a good way).

Moving IT to a cloud server is good for productivity in lots of ways – here’s just a few.

You’ll reduce or even eliminate annoying IT problems

Using the cloud means that all the backroom IT stuff is taken care of by someone else (yay!). If you use a cloud server from Probrand, for example, then Probrand takes on all the operational work to keep things ticking along nicely – updates, security reviews, maintenance and so on – leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best.

The cloud is very secure

One fear that a lot of business owners have is that the cloud isn’t safe or secure; they prefer to keep everything under their own roof, as it were. Of course, moving over to the cloud involves relinquishing some control, but those third-party hands are usually very safe indeed. Cloud providers have a vested interest in being secure, so they work hard at it and know what they’re doing.

The cloud is cheaper

All businesses and freelancers want to make a profit – that’s the whole point. Of course, getting more hours or more orders is one way to do this, but cutting down operational costs is another sure-fire way to a profit. Using a cloud server is cheap, it’s also predictable and often flat-rate. Another benefit is the fact that it can be scaled up or down. The cloud doesn’t need company energy, either. Or company IT staff. Every little bit helps…

People collaborate under the cloud

Most companies that take collaboration seriously and invest in it find their productivity increases two or threefold. The cloud is a cheap, easy form of collaboration technology and helps workers to communicate and work together regardless of their locations. They can access files, edit them, create them and send to a central location, from where everyone else can get into them. There’s no more sending multiple emails, forgetting the attachment, sending several more emails…

You’re much safer from data disaster

If there’s a fire at your premises, or a flood, or your servers crash or you’re hacked, then the loss of data can finish your business off. Of course, you should have off-site back-ups, but not everyone can afford this, or remembers to perform a weekly back-up. It’s easily forgotten.

By using a cloud server, businesses can rest assured that their providers will be doing regular back-ups as part of the service; they also have the will and the budget to work on security innovations and pass them on to end-users at affordable rates. There’s no greater productivity-killer than irretrievable data.

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