It’s fair to say that technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives. Transforming the way we shop, network, connect, learn, and love, we can feel its influence everywhere, but never more so than in the world of modern dating.

In 2005, when polled by Pew Research Centre, few participants reported having any online dating experience; today, it is the second most popular way for couples to meet, with a third of all marriages beginning online.

Yet there is still a certain air of mystery shrouding it, particularly for those who have never given it a go themselves. People can be reluctant to share their stories, for fear that the resultant romance will be somehow looked down upon for its less-than-traditional beginnings.

That’s why we wrote this article. Seeking to ease any fears of what it might be like with some cold hard facts to clarify the reality, we hope you find it enlightening…

Attitudes towards it are warming

Whether you meet your partner dating in London on Badoo or through more traditional channels, you’ll likely find that people’s attitudes will be increasingly accepting of your modern-day love story. The statistics show that much of the stigma surrounding the former has abated, with the majority of people (59 percent) now believing that online dating is a good way to meet people. What’s more, nearly half of all those asked claimed to know someone who had met their spouse or partner in this way – a promising statistic for those who want to give it a go themselves.

Online dating is more popular than ever amongst young adults

It’s fair to say that there was a time when online dating was believed to be the preserve of the older generation, but plenty of under 25s are now giving it a go. In fact, 27 percent of all 18-to-24-year-olds use online dating apps and sites. Unsurprisingly given the millennial obsession with smartphones, mobile-based technology is particularly popular amongst this demographic.

You’re not alone if you don’t know how to sell yourself

One thing that lots of people struggle with when they choose to give online dating a go is knowing how to sell themselves. If this is a scenario you’ve experienced, know that you’re not alone. According to the statistics, one in five online daters admit to having asked someone they know for help with their profiles, with the majority of these individuals turning to their friends for advice. Women are especially likely to have done this, with 30 percent confessing that their profile was not solely their own creation.

Plenty of people tell a little white lie on their profile 

On that note, it might also comfort you to know that not everyone is quite as they appear. Although it can feel like you’re surrounded by unobtainable women or incredibly successful men, don’t be intimidated into not contacting them. The truth is that plenty of people tell little white lies on their profile, and are actually more approachable in person. According to global research agency Opinionmatters, 20 percent of women are guilty of using an older photo in which they’re younger and thinner, whilst 40 percent of men are not entirely truthful when describing their level of professional success. Turns out you’re not the only one who’s less than perfect after all!     

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Half of all singles have never asked someone on a date face to face

One criticism that’s frequently levied at online dating is that it creates an artificial environment for connecting with people. The truth is that, for many, it’s the only place where they feel comfortable doing so. According to the statistics, over half of all single adults have never actually asked someone out in person. For those who this applies to, meeting over the internet can be an ideal alternative, offering a social crutch to boost their confidence and reduce their fear of rejection.

Men are more likely to use online dating than women

Although one might argue that it’s more socially acceptable for females to admit to their friends that they’ve tried online dating, the numbers show that it’s men who are more likely to sign up for some technologically-based help. The divide is not a significant one – with 52.4 percent of users being male compared to 47.6 percent being women – but it is there.

They’re the perfect place to meet your soul mate

It may not seem this way on the surface, but as we alluded to earlier, they can also be a great place to find someone who is perfect marriage material. With one third of unions coming about with the help of dating sites or apps, they can actually offer a fantastic opportunity to meet not just casual hook-ups, but long-term partners too.

People who meet online marry quicker

Not only is it perfectly possible to meet the person you’ll marry online, but you’re also likely to find your way to the altar much more quickly than those who meet through more traditional channels. Experts suggest this is because nobody finds themselves on a dating site by accident. Rather, they sign up with the specific intention of meeting someone, and most don’t want to waste their time once they have their significant other in their sights.

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Online marriages are more likely to go the distance

You might not be planning to pop the question anytime soon, but if you do find love online, you may find it reassuring to know that your marriage is likely to go the distance rather than ending in a messy divorce. Although they’re often erroneously viewed as a tool for superficial hook-ups rather than anything more long-term, personal compatibility algorithms can actually contribute to some seriously successful relationships for those who are lucky enough to meet their perfect match through a dating site. Research has shown that the resulting marriages not only last longer than their more traditional counterparts, but also deliver greater marital satisfaction.

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