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The step between thinking about a wonderful business idea to actually walking out that entrepreneurial venture can seem intimidating. On top of fleshing out your vision, setting out on your own can be difficult without the right connections. Lucky, for those professionals pondering whether to traverse the tricky business landscape as a self-employed professional or as a part of a start-up venture, your dreams are now within reach.

New Zealanders, specifically, would benefit from the variety of today’s business office options, which promotes self-motivated professionals to go into business for themselves. While New Zealand’s largest industries are construction, agriculture, and tourism, the coworking revolution has made it possible for the self-employed to find their niche in the economy. For the modern-day entrepreneur, coworking has made professional-grade office space accessible to entrepreneurs.

Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of coworking for entrepreneurs in today’s business environment.

Cost-Effective Feasibility

Many co-working spaces have many of the amenities of conventional office plans. Typically, though, the professional would only pay for use of the office and its amenities (internet, cable, phone, and utilities). This office plan saves a lot of money in initial start-up costs because you are usually only required to pay one month’s rent for the deposit, and the contracts ask you only to commit to shorter leasing terms. For someone with a small budget, coworking is a feasible plan. With the Servcorp coworking space in NZ, professionals lower their overhead significantly as opposed to a conventional lease, which asks you to spend a good portion of their budget on start-up costs.

Collaboration And Networking Benefits

Because co-working places entrepreneurs smack dab in the middle of a hub of business activity, the office is rife with opportunities to interact with others, and more than just socially. In fact, many professionals find the close proximity with which they work with people from diverse fields opens up many opportunities for them to network, and more significantly, collaborate. These factors alone further increase the likelihood that you make contact with people who can help your business grow.

More than just networking, the office is a place where collaborations flourish. Out of these collaborations, professionals might find other opportunities to build their business, and if not, they might walk away from these conversations with more insight than previously. Either way, the co-working office holds a plethora of opportunities to engage with like-minded people with similar goals.

Room For Growth

Coworking also allows entrepreneurs to slowly transition their growing company. For example, you initially might only need to co-work to function, but at some point down the line, when your business grows you will need space. Coworking allows you the flexibility to expand affordably.

With many of the larger office solutions companies, entrepreneurs might find they do not have to relocate to a new office to meet their business’s demands. In fact, you could go the traditional route of leasing a serviced office or an executive office, or you could go with a virtual office. Whether you decide to have a physical office or decide to go virtual, the leases are scalable, which makes it less costly for you to modify your contract.

Professional Image

First impressions do matter, and an office that sits in one of the more trendy locations in the city influences your clients’ perceptions of you. Coworking offices usually sit on or near some of the most affluent business districts, but you get the advantage of working in those spaces at a fraction of the cost of renting through a conventional lease. For a start-up looking to present a professional image but on a budget, co-working spaces offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to do just that.

So, Who Will Benefit From Coworking?

Everyone can. While tech start-ups, graphic designers, and other technology-related fields benefit from coworking, anyone with the motivation to open a business and the ingenuity to see it through can benefit in this environment. Co-working is accessible to anyone, allowing you to connect and collaborate in more meaningful ways with other professionals on a daily basis.

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