When it comes to email marketing, we’ve all heard about A/B testing. Some of the simplest tests you can run are even suggested by your email marketing service provider when you go through their standard options. Despite all that, a lot of companies fail to use A/B testing to its full potential. Why? It’s because they haven’t yet grasped the philosophy behind running such a test, the thought process they need to follow to make the most out of the time they invest in fine tuning their email campaigns.

Simple Email Marketing A/B Tests You Should Run Right Now

A/B testing is a great tool to insure your email campaigns convert better by getting more people to open and click on relevant links. However, designing a good A/B test might seem a little daunting. To help all of us out, email marketing service provider Campaign Monitor came up with a visual and very detailed infographic highlighting a few simple and efficient email marketing A/B tests that you should run. They focus on every component of your email campaign, starting with your title (length, topic, type of promotion mentioned) and going all the way to when you send out your campaign.

Whether you’re a seasoned or a beginner marketer, these quick ideas to design an A/B test for your next email marketing campaign will definitely help. Maybe even draw your attention to a particular area of email marketing that you didn’t think you could turn into an A/B test. And remember, you don’t have to run all these tests at once. You can spread them out through multiple campaigns until you fine tune your entire email strategy.

Simple Email Marketing A/B Tests You Should Run Right Now

Have you tried any of these simple A/B tests to refine your own email marketing strategy? What were your results and where will you focus your attention next?

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