Welcome to Words of a Broken Mirror (WoBM), is a Business, PR and Marketing blog aiming to help companies and PR professionals improve their strategies, campaigns and daily communication tasks. If you’re looking for a fresh voice, balancing unique views on business life with original PR and marketing tips, this blog is the right choice for you. WoBM publishes articles meant to help you better communicate with your clients, employees and the media so that you can help them see how their problems can be solved by your products and services.


WoBM talks about traditional and new PR and Marketing tools, mixing them all in an effort to help businesses start meaningful conversations with their audiences and develop their products and services based on real needs and issues. It keeps up with news, trends, industry books and events, emerging applications and everything that can help you do your job more effectively.


WoBM’s  Blogger in Chief: Alina Popescu

In a past life, PR consultant & Founder of Mirror Communications, Marketing and Public Relations Agency. After about eight years in the Marketing and PR field, moving from a corporate role to my own agency, most of my expertise was in  IT (messaging, security, services) and tourism. I had also worked with beauty companies, car dealerships, and service providers from several other fields.

Professionally, things have changed in 2013. I decided I wanted to be a writer, get published, or publish my own books, and say goodbye to PR after a most delightful affair. I did meet my goals where writing is concerned. I am now a hybrid author (which means I self-publish and work with a publisher at the same time) and you can find out more about that part of my life on my author blog.

While I thought I was done with the PR and marketing aspect of my life, well, PR decided it wasn’t done with me just yet. In my efforts to promote my own books and help other authors navigate book PR on their own, EyesOnBooks was born. This is a Book PR and Marketing site that helps authors and publishers promote their books.

I have been blogging fervently for almost eleven years and have learned a lot from it, as well as making great friends along the way. On a more personal note, I am a coffee addicts that’s crazy about traveling and photography, books and writing, music and dancing, gadgets, gaming, and everything tech. Add manga, comic books, old myths, and you can safely call me a geek or a nerd 😀

Where else can you find me?

If you’re looking for more of the stuff you see on the blog, feel free to check the Facebook page and my Twitter.

For a taste of my travel blog, check out Travel Tweaks. For my full business background, check out LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/alinapopescu

Feel free to contact me for ideas, suggestions, if you need help or advice or to tell me a little about what you’re doing or trying to do online or offline.

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