Words of a Broken Mirror (WoBM) is the business blog of Alina Popescu, PR & Marketing consultant at the Mirror Communications Agency. It also acts as the official blog of the agency. It sometimes publishes articles, interviews and news on Mirror Communications clients, projects and interests.

WoBM is involved in a few affiliate marketing programs and might use affiliate links when presenting certain products or services. The reviews of said products and services will not be in any way influences by our affiliation with them. Our policy is to be honest and fair in our assesments.

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The general policy is to be nice. Try not to offend anyone and not to attack other commentators. Debating and having a different opinion is perfectly alright, but name calling and offensive behavior will not be accepted.

We advise you against using keywords instead of your name. Name + Keyword is perfectly ok, but we’d like to address persons, not strings of words or site names 🙂

If you have something to say, feel free to add it, but don’t use comments for spamming. Just praising a post to push a link is not in any way nice. And we want to protect our readers from spam.

Not complying with our policy will lead to a warning or to having your comments deleted.

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