Less than 3 weeks left to join the WoBM anniversary contest

Time has the bad habit of flying by and the first two weeks of the WoBM Group Writing Project “Blogging and Relationships – Write about the wonderful people you’ve met!” are now history. You all have a little under three weeks to submit your entry for a chance to win one of these 3 prizes:

  1. A copy of IttyBiz’ SEO School
  2. Depeche Mode – The Singles 86-98 in mp3 format (I love them and this particular collection holds all my favorites)
  3. A copy of Lillie Ammann’s “Dream or Destiny”

Just to spice up the competition, all three prizes include 2 hours of free PR counseling from yours truly. The winning entries will be selected by a jury whose members are Loredana, Alex and myself. To qualify, please follow the official rules:

  • Publish an original article on your blog before February 28
  • You may only have one entry per blog. If you have more than one blog, lucky you :)
  • Link to the post announcing the group writing project
  • Leave the link to your entry on the announcement post

There already are three early entries:

Brad Shorr – Blogging Relationships are Gold for the Soul

Sarah Welstead – 7 Rules for Effective Relationship Blogging

And my own – Investing in relationships has excellent ROI

Good luck everyone! And don’t forget, the clock is ticking!

My Blogger-Self Has Just Turned Four!

OMG! OMG! The blogger in me turns four today! Four breathtaking and amazing years! Too many exclamation marks, I know, but I really cannot describe how happy and excited I am. I’ve started on Blogger, with the first version of Words of a Broken Mirror and that’s been my home for about 3 years. On the side, I’ve launched a photo blog, Views of a Broken Mirror, also abandoned in the mean time. The photos however are still there for you to enjoy. Right now, besides managing this blog, I also have a travel blog, Travel Spells, a great source of advice, tips, reviews and magical recipes to make your trip exactly what you want it to be and I also manage the PRwave Blog.

About a year and a half ago, I’ve been blessed with my own domain, a very thoughtful gift from my great friend and later appointed big sis, Trisi. I’ve started posting here and in time, WoBM has become what it is today, a PR and Marketing blog that I’m extremely proud of. A lot of people have helped ever since: Trisi with the WoBM logo, Mig and Alex with endless WordPress changes (Alex has also designed the new WoBM look) and old and new friends (who you can easily meet if you browse through the comments) with their constant support and cheer.

WoBM Proudly Announces the 4 Year Bloggiversary Group Writing Project

I’ve realized that today was the big day sometime after lunch. I got overexcited and when clicking the “Write new post” option in my dashboard, it hit me! What better way to celebrate these four amazing years, what better way to reward my friends and readers, than a group writing project? I got some prizes ready for you in the spur of the moment, but before tempting you with what you might get, I’d better tell you what you’d have to do to get it :) Continue reading

Monday Goodies Roundup

Hi everyone! As we’re so close to Christmas, a change of roundup would do us all good. So I’ve traded my reading list for a short and sweet goodies list: freebies, contests and promotions.

Are you looking for an awesome WordPress theme? You’re in luck, Alex of Blogsessive has just released version 2.2 of his Simple Balance theme, now with a cool Xmas Edition!

Hurry up to join Tamar Weinberg’s Christmas contest that focuses on making a wish for someone else. That’s a good change from our all to often selfish selves. Comment, tweet, but do join fast!

If you’re into amazingly beautiful, yet very healthy makeup, than you’ll love this! Robyn Bloom of Purely Cosmetics is giving away a set of ten brushes! Just review one of her products if you’re a customer for a chance to win it. If you’re not a customer, it’s time to get converted!

If you have some IT budget left and are in need of spending it on a cutting edge mail server, check out Axigen’s “Happy New Business Year” promotion for all three commercial products. If not, the header graphic is quite cool and fun to watch :)

And to get you all set up for a complete Christmas spirit takeover, check out what Chris Brogan has accomplished! He inspired a lot of people do to something nice for some less fortunate children.

Wish you all happy shopping if you haven’t found all those perfect gifts yet!

Disclaimer: I work with Axigen, Alex is my friend, I’m addicted to Robyn’s stuff, and I’m a huge fan of Tamar and Chris. Yet none of these are the reason for this post. You, my readers, and what you might need or find interesting or useful, are!

Have You Got The Moves To Engage Your Blog Readers?

If you do, publish a post about it and besides impressing your readers with the techniques and strategies you put into building your blogs success, you’ll also have a chance to win some really cool prizes!

Alex Cristache of Blogsessive is hosting his very first group writing project and is offering a prize with a branding twist: it’s basically everything you need design wise to build a powerful online brand. And yours truly is in the jury!

On to the Rules

  • Your post must be new.
  • To be valid, you must include the a specific paragraph mentioning the sponsors.
  • Recommended: link back to the announcement post.
  • To submit your entry, use Blogsessive’s contact form. Choose ‘Group Writing Project’ in the subject, fill in your name, email address and use the Website field for your , entry’s permalink. Give a short description about yourself in the Message field.

I imagine some of you might have a problem with linking to the sponsors, but Alex got some really cool prizes from those two sponsors for you and we should be supportive. To improve my argument here’s the prize list:

  1. One identity package – logo, business card and letterhead design – by Alex
  2. One “Personal licence” for the Edge premium WordPress theme, created by Blog Design Studio
  3. 500 business cards printed using your newly won design by U Printing

All these goodies will go to the contest winner. Also, there will be 2 consolation prizes, each of 250 business cards by the same U Printing.

Deadline: September 30, midnight

To find out more about this group writing project, read Alex’s announcement entry.

Good luck everyone!

Organize Games and Contests to Promote Your Business

We all love to play games. It’s probably our mind’s way to stay connected with the inner child we keep nurturing. But we like playing, most of us love challenges and when it comes to prizes, we’re all in!

I’ve recently had my eye caught by a contest and a nice little game that I’ve become addicted to. And I am referring to the SecondBrain contest and the Stay.com trivia game. Both had an interesting idea, different approaches and cool prizes. Continue reading