5 surefire ways for tech support to make customers drop like flies

Computer monitor with headsetI have a confession to make… I am extremely harsh when it comes to customer support. I’ve spent quite a while being a tech support engineer, I know how much it matters in building a great relationship with customers. So when I make my decisions about certain products or services, the quality of tech support backing them up is extremely important.  Why? It is simple. Anything can crash. No one should look for guarantees they will have no problems, they should make sure they will have help solving them when they appear. And based on my fare share of customer support talks, chats, email exchanges, I thought I’d make a top of the best ways to drive customers away.

1. Don’t pick up when they call

Definitely, this is the fastest and never dethroned method to make sure your customers will switch you for any of your competitors quicker then lightning. Continue reading

What feeding stray dogs taught me about word of mouth marketing

Blond Boy Sucking Ice Cream from ConeSometimes we are reminded of the big secrets in the business world by what appears to be the most unrelated situation. My house is fairly new, some of the residential complex is still being built and it’s quite empty most of the time. As it happens to any construction site, stray dogs come and never leave. No one is working right now, because of the weather, so no one can feed these dogs. They are starving and one of them keeps visiting me.

So what could I do? Feed her (I discovered it’s a girl), of course. But real and quite a lots of dog food was required; luckily I had help :) . She kept coming and then other dogs showed up. I now have three that come by at least once a day. And my friends pointed out how word spread when the dogs started enjoying a good meal.

And then it hit me. When building a WOM strategy, we think of engaging customers, of enabling them to better spread the word, reach the online communities and help them discover our products or services. This is wrong because we should always start with a question: Is our client satisfied? If it’s yes, spreading the word will be easy.

Customer satisfaction should always be the number one priority. Making what they have to say known always comes second. Simply because you really don’t want your customers to say „Oh, well, they’re ok, most of the times!” You want them to say awesome, great, or legendary when they speak of you. Don’t you?

Twitter for Businesses: The Rule of Something Extra Applies

While businesses are rushing to adopt Twitter, some fail to plan ahead. They just get the account, because it’s trendy and someone told them it works. And then they start wondering about a purpose, about whose responsibility it is, about what they should expect. When thinking about giving Twitter a try, think of what you want to get in return, who can do the task best and what you’re going to give that you’re not already giving on different channels.

So if you decide your support team should have a Twitter account to monitor issues reported by customers on Twitter because you want to make sure their problems are solved and they’re still happy with your product or service, I’d call that a good plan. It’s not the same thing as tweeting back a link to your knowledge base or saying the same thing the email reply asking for more info said, is it? If your support guy playing with Twitter is nice, knowledgeable and doesn’t mind providing support for something that’s not really caused by your product/service, I call that brilliant :)

I also have an example: when I switched to GoDaddy, I ran into some issues and had to talk to the support team. I also sent out tweet saying my travel blog is not working, but GoDaddy support was helping me with it. The tweetsupport of GoDaddy offered to help, even with WordPress and database issues if I needed it. I didn’t, but knowing they were there for me for something that wasn’t their fault when they could have said it wasn’t a GoDaddy related issue made me love them forever.

In conclusion, Twitter is as good of a medium as any to broadcast. But actually connecting with people, listeining to them, understanding their problems and helping them solve those problems is the right way to go if you want to take your microblogging efforts to a higher level.

Monday Reading Roundup Take #24

What I think you shouldn’t have missed last week…

Reading The first week of spring is officially here and we have some chirpy blog posts for you to read. How you find them as inspiring and energizing as a sunny spring day.

Drew McLellan shared some amazing marketing insight after learnign a few tricks from a dog whisperer. Now that I’ve read the lessons, Drew, could you be so kind as to teleport the dog whisperer here, I think I need some help with my lab!

The newest, coolest thing when going to a conference is to live tweet it. So how exactly do you effectively present to a room full of tweeting birds? The answer comes from Tamar Weinberg on Pistachio.

Do you want a custom design for your blog? I know I did and my dream came true. But before you imlement this project of yours, please stop to consider a few issues explained by Alex Cristache of Blogsessive.

Stuart Bruce discussed PR, SEO and the fact that public relations, while employing quite a lot of search engine optimization, is not really about SEO, it’s about reputation.

We’re all obsessing about elevator pitches. While doing so, Frances Cole Jones, guest writer at Women on Business, point out that we overlook the importance of the FAQ page and the great results such a page can deliver.

What do you do when you want to launch a new product or service and have no idea what customers would think of it? Daniel Secareanu suggest the simplest and best solution: ask your customers.

You’ve all seen your share of teasers before something new hits the market. Michael Martine of Remarkablogger shows us how to get an audience drooling for a blog that doesn’t exist yet. His approach seems a lot more effective than a criptic add!

Google rankings involve a lot of things. It’s a secret recipe everyone’s after. And one of the reason no one has discovered it yet is that it’s learning and adapting to new tricks. Aaron Wall noticed a new trend: Google started placing heavy emphasis on branding.

When organizing an event, keeping the audience interested and excited about it is critical. Barbara Rozgonyi shares 9 ways to keep events alive with social media.

And we’re closing this week’s edition with a business puzzle from Corina Saceanu. Where’s the money?

What great posts have you run across last week? Please share them in the comment box!

Why You Need PR and Marketing Counseling Yesterday

Today is that very special day when Mirror Communications, PR and Marketing Agency, officially opens doors online. I’ve shared my plans earlier this year and it finally happened! There’s still plenty of work o be done, but we’re finally out of the construction site :)

But now that there’s a new PR and Marketing agency on the market, some people my stop to wonder: is there room for another one on the market?

Well, for a good one, there always is. And when it comes to PR strategies and effective marketing, these troubled economic plans do not require them, they strongly demand such services. For a million reasons: starting with the possibility of gaining quite some market share rather easy and finishing with the fact that employees, clients and partners need to know your company is doing OK, you’re there for them and you will provide the same excellent products and services, regardless of where the economy is headed.

But if these reasons are not enough, consider the following:

If you want your true identity to be reflected, your unique voice heard and to engage in wonderful and profitable conversations, take a look at the Mirror Communications website, read some PR and marketing post on your blog and then contact me. Let’s talk about how we can work together to make your company shine!