Because I Said So is not the best movie I’ve ever seen. But it is a relaxing way to spend a Sunday evening. It is funny and light and features Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore and my very close to heart Lauren Graham of the Gilmore Girls.

What I particularly liked about the movie is the issue it raises: to what extent should a child interfere in their children’s lives? And the answer is, in most cases, as little as possible. Why? Because otherwise the results can be pretty far from what was the original intention.

So here is my advice to parents: like the relationship or not, it is not your decision. Get in the middle of it and you will prolong it, thus you will see it lasting for longer than originally intended. And advice number two: if they are legally married, there’s not much left to do. So stop ruining people’s weddings. It’s supposed to be one day in their lifetime and it’s supposes to be one of the happiest days.

If you are wondering, yes, I have witnessed the sorrow caused by some selfish parents on such occasions. Trust me, it is extremely far from being pretty!