After a few troubling events taking place these past days, I come to some conclusions. They are not the type of conclusions I’m a big fan of, simply because they refer to the mean and ugly side of people. Some people anyway…I thought we should all keep them in mind, not to fear being honest and open, but to not be disappointed when some let us down.

  • Out of envy or other reasons, some will twist what you say. They will do so based on what they want to understand, not on what you were trying to communicate. And they will emulate that on an already made opinion on you.
  • Double standards are a pain. But they are extremely common. And when someone out of two must be proved guilty, it will be you by default with certain people
  • Some will make accusations in hate. And they will not admit any reasonable doubt. This also tends to happen when innocence is extremely hard to prove.
  • People as those described here do not know how to apologize. They will fake an apology by explaining you how their reaction was fully justified, although it cannot be justified. It will sound like this: “Given my past experiences, my yelling at you and making accusations at you was normal. I am sorry I did, not because doing so was wrong in the first place, but because it turned out it wasn’t you, it was me.:

So what have I decided to do with such people? Easy, avoid them. Nothing else, like trying to explain, would help.

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