What do you think of when you see the books displayed on your shelves? What do you feel when you take one of them, smell its scent and start reading it? I feel amazed, introduced to a new world, mesmerized and taken elsewhere. Yes, even when its a job related book. A love buying books and then reading them. And after I’m finished reading one, I like placing it on one of my shelves, so that I can see it and remember the feeling or reading it. So that other might see a book their interested in and borrow it. So that I can feel at home, as I did while growing up.

If it’s an old book, it carries its own stories. Of multiple owners and surviving time. If it’s in a different language, I prefer it to be a language that I understand. What I never thought of is having old books as mere decorations. Apparently, displaying a bunch of books that you are unable to read makes you look good!

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