As it’s weekend, I thought I’d recommend some of the comedies I’ve seen last week. They’d make a great pass time if you want to relax a bit. And trust me, they are particularly good after stressful days, if you manage not to fall asleep 😀

The first one, called The Hearbreak Kid, is about rushing into important things such as marriage just out fear and then realizing what a big mistake it’s all been. And then doing the same routine all over again.

The other two movies I’ve seen are on the same issue: sexual orientation and what it brings along. I finally managed to see I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, a movie about two firefighters pretending to be gay to fool a stupid and bureaucratic pension system. While extremely funny, the movie is a bit too far from reality.

The other one, Coffee Date, presents how twisted someone’s life can get when everyone sees him in a certain way, be it true or not. A quiet type of guy who’s been into a messy divorces, goes to a data his leach-no-own-residence brother arranged on the Internet. With another guy. They happen to have a lot in common so they come back to scare the brother off a bit. He does move out and let everyone know how gay his brother is. So a completely straight guy comes to question his sexuality just because he has a gay friend and because everyone says he’s gay.

If you want to see some photos instead of movies, take a look at some more snapshots of Alkmaar, at the Cheese Market that takes place there each Friday during the summer, or at the annual Alkmaar Kermis (fair). Yes, I will finish posting all photos before Christmas 😀

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