I am completely puzzled by some people selling advertising space. Why? Because they act as if then don’t need you to buy anything from them. I tried to contact some advertising sales team placing ads in some important newsletters. They only have a generic email address listed. No other contact details. So I write them asking for some information, I send some some details about my company so that they recommend some appropriate such newsletters.

Well, a week has passed and no reply. I wonder why. Maybe then never expected some one wanting to buy what they sell? I highly doubt that. Maybe they have too much customers. But from my point of view, such disrespect is the best recipe to someday getting to no customers whatsoever!

So please people, when someone wants to buy you’re product, do reply their emails! And if you are somehow unable to do that, add a telephone number or something! Of course, only if you actually want to expand your business…Otherwise, keep ignoring potential customers!

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