We’ve all heard of bloggers who were arrested, of bans on certain free blogging platforms (as a matter a fact, Shi has written extensively on the Blogger.com ban in Pakistan). But the countries where it happened did not scare us much…Egypt, Pakistan, not all that bad, and they were solved soon enough.

What about Italy? Would an attempt to wash freedom of speech off the face of Internet scare you? It is not just a “what if” case scenario. It is actually happening, as Alex Brie points out. And he is right to wonder why isn’t this making the front page news in the rest of the world. What’s wrong with media these days?

If the new law ever sees the light of day (and it has big chances), all bloggers in Italy will have to register, pay taxes for blogging and face criminal charges for what they write, which means going to jail in certain cases.

We should all do our best to make this issue known. At least on the blogosphere…

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