In Bucharest? And not to have to worry all the time during the party? Then I have one advice for you! Stay away from the Glamour club!

Glamour has a pretty cool interior design, an amazing location, it has plenty of space for people to dance. At first glance, it seems the perfect place to organize a party for your colleagues. I mean, you’ve all been working titanically to get the new product released, packaged, promoted, delivered, tested, or whatever else it is that you do in the company. It’s been stressful and you are now getting your reward: a few hours of dancing, having a bite and something to drink. So why not Glamour, if it seems so fit.

Well, first of all, because the staff is rude. I got there with a colleague before the rest of our team. We had to make sure everything was fine. I went in and said “Good evening”. “What did you say to me?” was the reply of the bodyguard. I froze for a bit, wondering how to react. I tried again, explained what I was doing there. He nodded. One waitress came, said everything was fine.

Secondly, this was a private party and there were too many people I didn’t know. Went to ask what was up. I got a reply from the waitress saying they were all staff. Now why on earth do I need over 10 people there when only 4 are actually working? And why do some of them kiss and hold hands? Is it Glamour employees couples night and I don’t know it? Did I mention the people at the party had to struggle to make room at the bar to order? Yes, because of the “staffers”.

Another reason: how they handled food. Two thirds of the food we paid for were brought out and then taken back although we hadn’t finished eating. Oh, and again, at certain times, we had to struggle to make room because the staff was too busy eating!

Fourth reason: music. It was a Hawaiian themed party. They had no tune to actually resemble something Hawaiian. But at around 2 am they started playing slow tunes, hoping we’d leave. We had rented the place until 5am. When our CEO went to ask for a different kind of music, the owner told her they were emailed and required by the management to play Hawaiian music and that’s what they’re playing. I have a question to you all: what does Elvis have to do with Hawaiian music?!? He was told that the MANAGEMENT is now asking for something else.

How the party actually turned out for the rest of us: amazing. Simply because we loved our “hula skirts” and paper made flowers hanging around our necks. And because we can have fun on any kind of music. And because we have a strong will to ignore anything that is trying to ruin our well-deserved party.

But such issues should never occur at a trendy club charging a whole lot for a party. Especially when the party is on a Thursday night and they would have otherwise made a lot less money. Some of you might tell me that a lot of other bar and club owners and employees can get their share of your drinks and food. Well, true, but at least they’d have the decency to not do it right in your face! Yes, we could have made a scandal. But our purpose was to have fun. If we pay for a service, why does it have to be so hard to actually get it?

Back to my conclusion about this club: Go.Somewhere.Else!

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