It’s been a while since I last went out to just get some air, meet some friends and relax. Usually, such an outing comes with secondary purposes, such as going to the bank, taking care of some bills, going to shop for something I really need or something like that.

But aiming just to have fun has it’s benefits. It helps me relax, I finally stop worrying about work, plans and school. I simply enjoy the sun, what I’m eating, my lemonade. And if I can add starting and finishing an interesting book to my weekend, it all suddenly start looking sunnier, calmer, brighter and rather pinkish.

I feel as if the unhealthy habit of extensively multitasking is really affecting our brains. If we do it at work, we’ll keep doing it after work. Also, it bonds with another bad habit, that of mixing things. I’ve heard people saying you should leave work in the office and personal affairs at home. Strange and hard as it might sound, it’s actually good advice. Mixing them up means none will ever get enough attention to let you even dream of some sort of efficiency.

And how much can such a state of things really affect us? Well, let me ask you something: have you ever went through periods of restless nights when you took work projects to your dreams? That’s when it gets bad. Because if you don’t get enough rest, your body will start working against you.

So my simple advice and challenge for this wonderful Sunday is to re-learn how to relax, enjoy our free time and cherish those worthy of it. Can you do this all the time, or does stress get in your way occasionally? How do you circumvent it?


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