Really Simple syndication was definitely around when I started blogging. I read a few articles about it and decided it was not for me. See, I love visiting the actual blog. RSS aggregators seemed a bit like trading an actual meeting with the blogger in question for a quick hi on instant messenger windows.

I went about to use my blogroll, bookmarks, social bookmarking and custom lists to keep track of the blogs I wanted to keep an eye on. Until it became too much! There are so many wonderful blogs out there that just opening all the links in new tabs will take forever. So I decide to finally put my Bloglines account to good use. I took a while to register for all the feeds in my blogroll and it will of course take longer to register the rest of the blogs I read.

But I am definitely starting to see the benefits in what time saving is concerned. Did you make such a switch? If you did what do you think of it. If you didn’t, what other system do you use?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!


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