09_04_52-breakfast-toast_web.jpgWelcome to the Sunday Brunch hosted by Words of a Broken Mirror. We have food, drinks, sweets and reading recommendations for you. Sit down and enjoy your brunch with me!

First of all, I have some inspirational reading for you. Bart of Daze of Our Lives explains the concept of Quietude with thoughts and beautiful images revealing the benefits of peace and silence. You can then move to new horizons.

Given the instability of the online world we spend so much time in and the imminence of occasional technological breakdowns, I recommend this amazing piece by Liz on how to turn upsets into real adventures.

Now that I’ve already got your attention and I can feel your smile, it’s time to move on to a little more serious thinking. Phil Butler has a great topic: what do Chinese citizens really need, Olympic games or more human rights?

And if we are into serious thinking, I’ll leave you with a more down-to-business article. The 7 pillars of SEO 2.0. It’s all about how they can empower you in your online endeavors.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s brunch and I can’t wait to be the host again next Sunday.

In the mean time, have a wonderful, rewarding week!



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