09_04_52-breakfast-toast_web.jpgHi everybody, welcome! I am extremely happy to be hosting a new Sunday Brunch this week. I once again greet you with food, drinks, sweets and interesting articles to keep you company. Bring your own treats and let’s enjoy brunch together!

First, to get you in the mood, here’s a collection of enjoyable life lessons that I am sure you’ll enjoy, brought to you by Dumb Little Man. Feel free to add to the list, I am always willing to see more such positive tips.

And now a little fun. If you were wondering what people do during presentations, I am sure you feared no one is listening. Some are. But you were right, most of them are doing something else, as shown by Doing Biz Abroad. Make sure you also read the first related post, to see where the idea to publish such numbers came from.

As I give in to RSS feeds and aggregators (they really are efficient!), I thought it would be nice to look a little into who subscribes and why. So here is some advice from Blogging Fingers on what to do when you reach a peak in subscriber numbers and then they stop coming your way.

Readers lead us to content. I have two articles to recommend for this area of interest. First, Blogging Bits recommends five types of linkbaits that actually work. In the second article, Problogger’s Daniel Scocco writes about recruiting guest bloggers of high quality to make sure we don’t disappoint our readers.

Moving from tips to explanations: we’ve all heard we need to stress benefits and not features. Copyblogger now explains the why behind this all-mighty rule. Our brains actually crave for benefits!

Last but not least, SEO 2.0 shares three effective places to start looking for free stock photos. I would have really needed such advice about a week and a half ago to be honest. So the moment I saw this particular post, I immediately bookmarked it.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful time at this Sunday’s Brunch! I’ll start preparing for next week’s right away. Until then, enjoy your week and see you around!


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