09_04_52-breakfast-toast_web.jpgWelcome everybody, take a seat! Though it is kind of late for brunch in Romania, and in most of Europe and Africa actually, we’ll host this brunch on a time zone where there is still time for brunch. The Americas, maybe more on the Western side? I hope you don’t mind, I like brunches so much, I’d have one at any hour 🙂

This weeks drinks, fruit, salad and other calories-rich dishes come to you accompanied with the interesting articles I ran into all last week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did when reading them.

Matt of How to Write for the Web found this great list of writing tips that he shared with all of us. I recommend it to anyone wanting to start writing and also to those who writer already. I myself plan to go over it once in a while.

Court’s Internet Marketing School taught us quite a few ways to make our site a back-link superstar. 102 of them to be more precise.

Stumble Blogger explained a bit about StumbleUpon’s new beta search feature and why it is going to take over Google. The human factor plays a very important role in his argument.

Content always needs to be dressed up for the occasion. Not overdressed, not poorly dressed, just the right outfit, and Copyblogger gives us a few content fashion hints to help us stay away from the “What were you thinking?” page of fashion watch dogs.

This short post by Chris Brogan was one of my personal favorite this week. He explains why reinventing the wheel is such a purposeless attempt.

DoshDosh brought personal journals back into the spotlight. Maki showed us how such a diary could help us track ideas, thoughts and goals on paper better than with blogs.

ProBlogger concluded there is a rather long list of reasons why blogs are so much better than conventional sites. To name a few, blogs are cheaper to maintain, easier to change and redesign and anyone can set them up, no need for a developer.

Liz of Successful Blog wrote a great piece on how to network at a social media breakfast. I’d say her tips apply to any networking event if your goal is to build great relationships.

BlogWell concluded blogging is a must for small businesses and also presented the arguments (with a perfectly chosen example) that led to that conclusion.

We’ve all heard of owning our niche. SeoSmarty comes with a different approach, explaining the benefits of blogging outside our own niche.

And last, but definitely not least, Piggy Bank Pie shows us how to use humor to expand our reach. While reading the hows of being funny, do pay attention to the caveats!

Come on, grab your byte and drink, I’ll definitely have some more coffee and something sweet, and let’s enjoy this Sunday’s Brunch!

See you next week,


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