We all get to a point in life where we come up with a big shinny plan to follow are dreams and make sure we end up deliriously happy, enjoying every day of our lives. Coming up with such a plan is quite easy, once you decide were you are is not where you want to be and actively get involved into figuring out how to get there.

The hard part immediately follows, as what’s on paper is not as easily transfered into reality. In most cases, the big plan implementation overworks you, as you have to still deal with your normal life while working on how to improve it. There will be days when quitting and just accepting what’s right under your nose will seem to be the best idea you’ve ever had. There will be days where you’ll be tired and frustrated enough to wonder if it’s all really worth your effort.

Luckily for most of us, there are always days when we’re brutally reminded why the plan came to life in the first place, why we feel trapped and under appreciated and determined to change everything and loose all security.

The best solution I’ve had up to now to fight the days when I question my motives is to focus on the end results, to remember what following my dream will get me to. No matter how senseless the effort seems in some better days, it fades away when you compare it with the feeling of fullnesses, happiness, accomplishment and freedom you’ll be feeling if you take your chances and be faithful to your plan.

So my personal conclusion for this bright, warm Saturday that I’d like to share with you is to keep trying to shape your world according to what makes you enjoy it even more, to what keeps you smiling and to what makes you a better person in the eyes of others. Enjoy the weekend!


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