09_04_52-breakfast-toast_web.jpgNice to see you again this Sunday, please come in and help your self to the goodies I have prepared! If you know me a bit, then I can’t lie to you, I haven’t cooked them myself, I am only responsible for the drinks, the company and for presenting them to you as they caught my eye this week.

Let’s get started, as I want to introduce quite a few articles to you and if it’s as sunny where you are as here, I imagine you’re also anxious to enjoy a Sunday afternoon walk later on.

Yvonne Russel of Grow Your Writing Business prevents us from making a simple yet common mistake when building our online identity. It’s also seasoned with a few practical tricks.

The Junta42 blog introduces some uncommon but highly effective places to stick our marketing and educational messages.

Tad Chef of SEO 2.0 does a great job at busting 10 SEO related myths we aren’t all completely safe from. If you’re new to SEO and think of hiring someone for it, this is required reading.

Bold Words speaks of the lone exception, of people thinking rules are only made for other and never feel obliged to consider them in their actions. There are risks that come with such an attitude and not only for those who aren’t special enough not to care.

Sweeny 3.0 of markeTING gives us 10 good reasons not to bypass the strategic marketing planning process. While few of us would think of blindingly trying to reach their goals, it’s nevertheless true there are quite many who don’t have a clear long term strategy.

Maki of DoshDosh poses an interesting question: why should we give away content for free? The reasons to provide freebies to some or to all are also thoroughly explained.

Deb S. from Media by Sistrunk provides this week food for thought: why do we need to be prepared to give more than 100%. She’s also quite frank about what a PR or journalism career actually mean.

As Liz Strauss is quite busy these days at SXSW, she’s invited great bloggers to guest post. Michael Martine of Remarkablogger took this opportunity to explain why and what it takes to have a blog content strategy.

Joanna Young of Confident Writing is determined to show us how to be a fire-breathing writing dragon. Accomplishing this will require knights to stop putting negative labels on themselves.

If you have no idea who the linkerati are, Cornwallseo.com has a great explanation, taking you from SEOMoz‘ creation of the term to some other opinions on who the linkerati are.

Laura Spencer of Writing Thoughts shares 10 questions one should ask when they are offered a writing projects. No, how much and when is it due are definitely not among them, but you’ll have to see why at her blog.

Oh and by the way, if you happen to feel like stopping by for a coffee during that walk I was assuming you’d be keen on, stop by Yvonne’s Writers’ Cafe!

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend and have an amazing week,


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