09_04_52-breakfast-toast_web.jpgHi everyone and welcome to the Sunday Brunch! Last week’s was canceled as the host had quite a nasty cold and was a bit grumpy, this week’s has come a little late as the Internet connection was nowhere near WOBM because of some provider issues that have just been solved.

I am glad to finally make it here and share a few of the goodies I’ve cane across this week! So grab some of the goodies my boyfriend’s mom made for us, have some juice, coffee or milk and let’s all enjoy the articles I’ve found interesting.

Blogging Bits had an interesting piece on how to find and approach your audience, but most importantly how to make them your fan. Getting their attention and keeping it is the key to this enigma.

Blogging Fingers has shared a very good piece of advice on how to use social voting sites: either be an active user, either stop bothering. Stopping by once a week isn’t enough to get the full benefits.

Remarkablogger told it as it is when it comes to blogging. And the cold hard truth is that it’s not at all easy.

Business and Blogging featured two very interesting pieces this week. One trying to explain what makes someone an expert. The second one sharing a six questions method to keeping blogs fresh and preventing blogging burnout.

Craig of Motivational Speaker sheds light on a very tricky yet important question: Why we don’t get the job done.

Last but not least. And quite strange to be honest, Geeks are Sexy has recently made an interesting announcement. Here’s short quote from the page:

“They’re feared all over the world and they are constantly over-shadowed by their more famous sister agency Mossad. But the Israeli Internal Security Service Shin-Bet, the equivalent to the US’s FBI or Britain’s MI5 has become the first government security agency in the world to launch its own live blog written by active agents.”

Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks brunch and I’ll be here to greet you again next week. Same day, different hour 🙂

Have a wonderful new week!


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