We measure our lives in different ways and once a certain period has passed and a new one appears ahead, we feel the need of some resolution. To analyze the past, then make plans and set goals for the future. I have personally made resolutions at the beginning of a new year, at the beginning of a new school year, on my birthday, whenever I did something I considered wrong and I never wanted to do something similar again.

There were times when I thought, as I’ve also noticed in others, that such resolutions are a waste of time. Other times, I just figured they provide a pretty good opportunity for a quick recap, to see where I am and think of where I want to be. I know I can make strict lists and nothing might happen according to plan, because life is hectic and situations and circumstances change everyday. But I can still define a pattern to follow.

My birthday was last week. I had the time of my life although day to day problems and annoyances didn’t stop just because it was that special day of the year when I get older and not necessarily wiser 🙂 Joanna of Confident Writing whose birthday is two days from mine also introduced me to the best birthday song ever! I got a cool camera and made myself this great present I’ll tell you about in a couple of months.

Yes, I made the much needed resolution. Not on paper, not on my computer. I just closed my eyes and thought of where I wanted to be next year. And I am pretty sure I’ll get there!

How often do you stop to analyze what’s been going on and think of what you want to do next?

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