This entry will be part of a series of more, based on bad pitches I experience or hear of. Turning them into tips and tricks will probably help those pitching do a better job in the future.

Some blogs have moved, some are simply abandoned. Whatever the reason, the owners are clearly not interested in writing on them. So pitching to these people would be a waste of time and a full scale proof of lack of research skills or of not paying that much attention.

MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, Google blog search, all are great at helping you find blogs writing on a certain topic. But everyone of them has to be visited and checked as profiles are sometimes rather old, blogs are misplaced in a certain category or their administrators have shut them down a gazillion months ago.

Let’s analyze an example. Someone found my profile on MyBlogLog. I rarely log on to MyBlogLog so my old blog is still on my profile. It’s been closed since January. The only post on the homepage is my goodbye post. There’s a link to my new blog in that post and in the header. So why would someone pitch and mention my old blog? Do they want any sorts of exposure? I don’t think so!

So my advice is, when pitching bloggers, stop worrying about a number of contacts you need to check on your daily list. Just think of results and try to maximize the return on your effort and time investment. There are millions of blogs out there and not all interest you , especially if they are no longer updated. Just take the time to do your homework and then click the Send button.

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